Figurative Languge

By:Ava O'Gara

Hyperbole's in real life

Hyperbole-A statement that is extremely exaggerated

Here are some examples of hyperbole in real life...

1.I am so hungry i could eat a whole elephant-101 dalmatians

2. You've got a smile that can light up this whole town-You belong with me Taylor Swift

3.I'd catch a grenade ,throw my hand on a blade,jump of a train for you- Bruno Mars

Similes in real life

Simile-Compares two things using like or as

1.Words like knives-Taylor swift Mean

2.Life is like a box of chocolates-Forest gump

3.Your as cuddle as a cactus-The Grinch

personafacation in real life

Personification-Giving a none living thing human characteristics.

1.You got my heart beat running away-Nicki Minaj Super Bass

2.Remember those walls we built?Well baby they're tumbling down,And didn't even put up a fight,they didn't even make a sound-Beyoce Halo

3.All of the dishes from bella talk-Bella

Metaphors in real life

Metaphor-Compared two unlike things

1.Baby your a firework-Katy Perry firework

2.My hearts a stereo-Gym Class Hero Stereo Hearts

3. Diamond in the rough-Aladdin