6th Grade News

January 15, 2016


  • As we move into our second semester, please check with your student to determine that they still have scissors, glue and colored pencils. Valuable class time is lost as students scramble to borrow from friends, much needed supplies.
  • Enjoy your student holiday, Monday, January 18th.

Math with Mrs. Johnson

The students will test on solving one step equations on Wednesday. They will need to solve one step problems, create an equation from a problem, and create a word problem from an equation. They have gotten very creative when creating their own problems. I have enjoyed reading them.

Our next unit is ratio, rates and proportions. This is a 3 week long unit and covers a variety of information. To start, they will need to be able to create a ratio and build to larger and smaller ratios. Knowing the difference between a rate and ratio can be a bit confusing since they seem very similar. They will need to come up with some of their own rates and be able to solve for a unit rate. I will have them looking for unit rate in the grocery store. Teaching unit rate has made me a smarter consumer.

Vocabulary is very important in math. The terms we use are not as familiar since they are new but are said often in the directions and teaching. They will have their second vocabulary test within the next 3 weeks. Next week, they will begin work on the vocabulary cards. Since they will have 29 cards to complete, I will give them a little over a week to complete.

Science with Mrs. Hintze

These last two weeks have found us thinking through and debating the advantages and disadvantages of our various energy sources. Students have learned that energy resources are available on a renewable, nonrenewable, or indefinite basis. Understanding the origins and uses of these resources enables informed decision-making...and hopefully the turning off of lights in your home!!

Next week, we begin our unit on layers of the Earth. Be looking for the Earth's Layers Model project guidelines to come home soon! This is a short unit and our test over this unit is targeted for January 28th.

ELA with Mrs. Franks

This week we have been writing essays. The first was a literary analysis on the author of BAD BOY, Walter Dean Myers. We learned to use text evidence and commentary in analyzing the 5th and 6th grade experiences and behaviors of this author. It is our first of several attempts to write literary analysis essays.

The second essay is the M-O-Y or middle of the year essay that the district requires. It is in the form of a letter to thank one of Walter's teachers from either 5th or 6th grade. The students learn to write in the voice of a character, which in this case, is Walter Dean Myers.

I have given each student his/her own copy of HOLES because we will be doing a novel study for the next few weeks. They are responsible for keeping up with the book and reading in class as well as at home.

World Cultures

With our return from our holiday break, we began learning about the people and places on the continent of Asia. We began with geography, where students analyzed several maps and used them to describe the physical geography of the many countries that make up Asia. They also used these maps to discuss the availability of resources across Asia, the types of land use, and the population density.

We then learned about Chinese civilization which began more than 4,000 years ago and how it influenced other East Asian countries. Currently we are working on an interactive tour where students are learning how ancient Chinese traditions and reflected in Modern Chinese life.

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