MLE 3rd Grade News

Mrs. Creemer's Class November, 2013

Thanksgiving Holidays

We have been working hard to learn about our ancestors and the meaning of this Thanksgiving holiday. Students have written their thinking about the meaning of the book The Feast. After reading this book in depth, they have also illustrated their understanding of this book. Be sure to ask them to show you their work and have them explain their thinking and all their hard work on this project!


Your child can now write a multiplication sentence and show it in a variety of different ways. They can draw a picture of "groups of," and "rows of", draw a number bond and show the fact families. They have had a huge leap of understanding in their knowledge of this new skill. Knowledge of multiplication facts is essential for their future math success and we are laying the groundwork now for deep understanding of this skill.

Reading Non Fiction

We have been looking at lots of non fiction text in class. When reading non fiction we have had great discussions about all the ways authors give us information. Have your child show you all the different ways authors give you information. Hint- photos, picture captions, graphs, charts, bolded words, and interesting facts. We have been noticing bold letters, colored fonts, underlining, catchy visuals. We have been enjoying learning all the ways that author's grab our attention and teach us information.