Women Working in WW1


Women stay home or work?

I think that women should not work. but their a specific reason for this. i think that its not really a women's place to work when the man can. Women deserve to stay in the house and be a stay at home mother, because women have a really hard and tough background.

Women stay home or work?

I also think that women should work. because when men get in the field and get hurt we need first aid care because most men will not be able to do that, because they do not have much time as women, to go to school and learn how to take care of the wounded the dead. approximately 1,600,000 women joined the work force between 1914-1918.


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Why people believed they should be working

because they always needed extra help on the base. but the bad part about it was the men got paid way more than women and that was not really fair because in these articles it looked like women did more work than men

Facts about women in ww1

  • 200,000 women took jobs
  • 500,000 took clerical positions
  • 250,000 worked in agricultural positions
  • 700,000 women took posts in the munitions industry