Merry Christmas!

Warm Holiday Greetings from Jasper (Siwen)

We survived 2012!

Hey guys,

It's again the time of the year when the families gather together to share the memories of the whole year. And this year can be special, 'cause we survived the doomed day :) Since some has asked me to share some pics of my stay in Europe, and I'm so sorry I wasn't that diligent in composing emails. Hopefully with this letter, I would share some of my best memories in 2012, and I wish all of you a fresh wonderful incredible new beginning in this NEW AGE!

Jasper / Siwen

Stunning Fall Foliage of Hannover

In the album Jaune, you will find more pics of Hannover's golden fall.

Sail on Baltic Sea

A trip to the port city Lübeck and went on sail to Baltic sea in a wooden sailing boat. Blue yet cool water.

More in album Lübeck Hafen.

Trip to Benelux

Summer is not really summer in Northern Europe. However I experienced the warmest days this year in Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. More in the following albums.

Bruxelles and Brugge

Lego Town Luxembourg

Amsterdam and Zaanse Schans

Prague - The most beautiful city in Europe

I wasn't lucky enough to have wonderful weather when I was in Prague. Even though the city had stunned me with its awesome beauty and the smell of history.

More in album Praha - Rain, Snow and a Bit Sunshine.

I Live by a Forest

Two blocks to my apartment, there's a big inner city woods called Eilenriede. You will find yourself suddenly disappear from the civilisation in just minutes. I enjoy the woods a lot in summer and fall.

More in Fairy Tale Forest Eilenriede.

MY WORKS - Some Habit I Regained

This year I started to do some painting and illustration again, something I haven't been doing long since childhood. They are mainly digital arts which follow a minimalistic guideline.

Old Masters and Modern Artists in Minimalism

Gods' Most Embarrassing Moment

Cloud Atlas Summary in One Picture

J'suis chinoiR

Too much about myself

I'm really eager to share my passed year with you and look forward to hear your stories!

And wish you all a merry Christmas and happy New Year!