Middle School Library E-News

August 30, 2013

New DVDs in a New Location!

The DVD section has been relocated to the tall book shelves near the Reference section to make browsing the collection more user-friendly. The following is a list of the visual resources that have been added to the collection through teacher requests.

Decimals: Adding, Subtracting & Comparing
Equivilant Fractions & Mixed Numbers
Functions & Relations
Linear Equations & Slope
Multiples & Factors
Patterns & Formulas
Rounding Numbers
Variables, Expressions & Equations

Animal Needs
Food Chains
Food Web
Genetic Diversity
Planet Earth: Complete DVD Collection
Science as Inquiry in Action
Science of Disney Imagineering: Newton's 3 Laws
Traveler's Guide to the Planets

Social Studies
Aztec, Inca & Zapotec
Comparing Lives of Native People
Native American Heritage
Native Americans Before Columbus: Eastern Indians
Native Americans Before Columbus: Great Basin Indians
Native Americans Before Columbus: Northwest Indians
Native Americans Before Columbus: Plains Indians
Native Americans Before Columbus: Southwest Indians
Native Peoples of the Great Plains
Native Peoples of the Northwest
Native Peoples of the Southwest
Native Peoples of the Woodlands
The Midwest
The Northeast
The West
U.S. Industries & Resources

Elements of Fiction
Elements of Poetry

A Wrinkle in Time
The Perfect Game

Middle School and Elementary School Media Center Resources

Below are links to the Middle School Media Center resources and the Elementary School Media Center resources.

Please disregard any email you receive from an event you create on any of the Media Center resource calendars saying that your event was declined.