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About my Fashion blog

This semester i have learned more about many elements of fashion. My Fashion blog is about information i learned this semester. This blog has helpful tips and tricks for fashion. And many other facts about fashion and its history.

Fashion History

We learned about "fads" and trends that come and go through the years but that only stay for a few months or years but eventually go out of style. A example of a fad was sill bands a few years ago they were really popular for a while but then quickly went out. And a classic fashion trend is a fashion item that lasts through every decade and never goes out of style.

Sketching and Design

When sketching focus on details and preciseness. Make sure to draw with lots of detail and make it look neat.

Interior Design

Sewing construction

Here's some helpful tips on how to use a sewing machine .
How to use a sewing machine + Sewing Tips! (Easy for Beginners)