Take a plunge into the beautiful unknown

The Basics

Thailand is located in Southeastern Asia, bordering the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand. It is also Southeast of Burma.

The weather is fairly tropical, it's warm, rainy and humid. Thailand also has the highest average temperature recorded in the world.

What makes Thailand quite unique is that it has the Khorat Plateau in the middle of the country, it also has three main rivers that flow through the center of the country that run all together into the Gulf of Thailand.

How to Fit In

Thailand has two main languages: Thai (which is the official language), and Burmese, which is only about 1.3% of the population.

Some folkways that should be known are as followed; Usually they are able to find their own marriage partner, although their decision may be influenced by a richer family. They are still struggling with some gender equality although it is still a larger problem. In public places It is wired to show much of any emotion although they may never show much. You should also always remove your shoes when entering any building or household, it is considered rude not to do so.

Some things that you shouldn't do are also as followed; Disrespecting the king, or any part of the royal family is strongly frowned upon and could result in jail time. If you are a female you are not allowed to touch Buddhist monks it is considered to be a sin. Also don't touch a Thai persons headed, it is considered very rude.

Religion is a huge value to the people of Thailand over 90% of them are Buddhist.

Digging Deeper into Culture

They have 77 provinces, and 11 political parties.

There national sport is Thai Boxing. There grand palace is a beautiful place to visit, which is located in the center of Bangkok.

They have Chinese people and Lao people migrating to Thailand.

They have shifted from an absolute monarchy to a constitutional monarchy. The name of Thailand used to be Siam.