Hurried Child Syndrome

Daniel Zinnel

It is a Real Problem

Hurried child syndrome is a issue that is affecting children and teenagers right now. It is a real problem and is having very negative effects on our society. Many studies have been done and they show the direction that our society has moved. It puts a lot of pressure on the younger people to achieve more than ever before.

Negative affects

Studies have shown that the rate of teenage suicides have gone up in relation to this issue.
Abuse of drugs and alcohol has increased because of the stress put on teenagers and kids. They are under so much stress that they have illnesses related to stress that people that young would never have. Homicides have even increased in relation to the stress put on kids to be better than everyone else.

How to Avoid this

Often the main cause of the problem is the parents over scheduling their kids and pushing them too hard towards things. let your kids decide when they are ready to take on more responsibility. Once you take on that maturity there is no going back society also plays a large role, so make sure your kids know that they can take their time growing up.