Maycomb Weekly

By Isabel Campos

Ms.Maudies house burned down??

The Neighbors Around Ms. Maudies house helped Her get her furniture out of her house before It reached the house, Luckly the fireman came before it spread to the other houses.The starting of the fire was because Ms.Maudie Left her stove on because it was cold in Maycomb, She said she probably left the fire on and forgot to turn it off. We asked her how she felt, She said that she always wanted a small house house and that she has more room for her plants. Did she burn down her house on purpose? Where is she going to live Know?
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The mob Attack on Mr.Atticus Finch

Early last night Mr. Atticus Finch was Attacked by angry citizens of town MayComb. You mus be asking " Why was he getting attacked by the mob." well he is defending Mr. Tom Robinson in court for the case of Ms. Mayella Ewelll, Luckily his children got there in time and saved him from those angry savages. Scout Or "jean lousie Finch" as you know her was the one to save her father.She started conversing with Mr. Walter Cunningham about his son telling him that he should tell his son Walter that she said hello, she started to converse with him to distract him he later told the group to leave. Do you think it was safe for scout to help her dad? Was it a coincidence that she arrived at the right time to help her dad
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The Trial

Tom Robinson accused of raping 19 yr old Mayella Ewell, Mr.Bob Well(Mayellas father) found her beaten and unconscious on the floor, Mayella told her father that she was raped by Tom Robinson, Mr.Ewell went into town saying that his daughter was raped by a black man,Mr. Atticus will be defending Mr. Tom Robinson at the court. We're not so sure if Mr. Tom Robinson will be able to stay safe until the court case hopefully he will. Will Mr. Tom Robinson found guilty or innocent? Will Miss Mayella be able to tell the truth in front of a big crowd? Will Mr. Atticus Finch be a Helpful lawyer for Mr. Robinson.
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The death of Mr.Bob Ewell

Nobody knows how Mr. Ewell Died but Sheriff Tate, He is the olny one who knows how Mr. Ewell died They said That he killed himself by Falling on a knife and it landing in his chest. But the real story is that He was going to go attack the children of Mr. Atticus Finch on a halloween night but Aurthur (Boo) Radley went out to save them and stabbed Mr.Ewell in the chest but who knows.Which story do believe? Did the death of Mr.Ewell Happen on purpose?Did anybody care about His Death?How do feel about Mr.Ewells death?
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