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Becoming a Makeup Artist

Exploring Makeup Artistry

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Considering Makeup Artistry?

Have you always been wondering what it is like to be one of those people who do makeup on celebrities? Or who do cool special effects makeup? Makeup artistry is your answer. Makeup artists have the day to day challenge of creating beautiful and enticing looks on people for special events. They have the ability to have a flexible work schedule and to be able to see the transformations of their clients. Makeup artistry is competitive but is very rewarding.

Before and After Photos

Above you can see the dramatic changes between before the makeup application and after the makeup application.

How to become a Makeup artist

To become a makeup artist a course in cosmetology must be taken and completed to be certified, after that there are specialized workshops to help gain more knowledge about specific makeup applications.

Top Makeup Artistry Schools

  • April Love Pro Makeup Academy
  • Make Up First School of Makeup Artistry
  • Academy of Freelance Makeup, London
  • Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry
  • Cinema Makeup School
  • MUD (Make-up Designory), Burbank
  • CMC Makeup School, Dallas
  • Cosmopolitan Make-up Artist College
Other Makeup Artistry schools

There are many other makeup artistry schools worldwide, this link has a directory of the majority of schools available and their teaching specialties.

Makeup artist

This picture represents how a makeup artist has to be able to multitask and accomplish many things to achieve the perfect result.

Day in the life of a Makeup artist

As a makeup artist you don't always have to have a busy, filled schedule; many makeup artists do their job while still maintaining spare time. As a makeup artist it is very important to showcase your work; portfolios should be readily available through print and online. As a makeup artist it is very important to thoroughly asses the client consultation at the beginning of a job.
QC in NYC Series - Day in the Life of a Celebrity Makeup Artist

Salary and Job Market

A makeup artist can make an average salary of $66,330 per year. Salaries typically start from $19,560 and go up to $121,910. The job market for makeup artistry is steadily going up, most high paying jobs for makeup artists is in either California or New York.

Not sure if it's for you?

No worries! Your decision does not have to be made right away, there are many resources and videos that can provide you with all the information you may need to further aid you in deciding if makeup artistry is for you. There is also compatibility tests to give you an idea if you would be prosperous as a makeup artist.
Makeup artist compatibility test

this provides you with an assessment that may aid in final decision making.


This picture explains that makeup is an art form and a true way of expression.