Should abortion be legal?

What is abortion?

Abortion is the ending of pregnancy by removing the fetus from the womb.

Pros and Cons


  • The fetus is not capable of feeling pain
  • A child should not come into the world unwanted, or abandoned
-> should a woman be forced to produce unwanted life?
  • A rape victim might not want the child because it would be a constant reminder of a horrible incident.
-> The victim might not be physically or mentally ready for a child.
  • Many woman might want to abort the child due to life threatening diseases or conditions that might harm them or the baby.


. Some believe that abortion is murder "life begins at conception, so an unborn child should have the right to live. (would you want to kill something living inside of you?)

. Abortion can lead to serious health injuries/ infections and in some cases, death

-> a mother could also have future problems/ miscarriages due to past abortion procedures when trying to have a child later on in the future.

. A woman could go into a state of depression or very bad guilt after aborting her child.

-> Abortion could have a very bad effect on the mom's physical and mental health.

. There are some women in the world that are not physically able to have children and by one mother aborting her child, she could have helped someone who actually wanted a baby.

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