Co-Teaching News

Week 7 - Strategy of the Week

Supplemental Teaching/Alternative Teaching

With the demands put on us as Cooperating Teachers and Teaching Candidates, it can be difficult to meet all of our students' needs. Time is also a very real challenge in today's classroom. We can use Supplemental Teaching to combat these trials.
Alternative (Differentiated) Teaching

How to Use Supplemental Teaching/Alternative Teaching

This strategy allows one teacher to work with students at their expected grade level, while the other teacher works with those students who need the information and/or materials retaught, extended, or remediated.

This can be done multiple and single subject classrooms. Students will benefit from reteaching, remediation, and extension of content.

The lead teacher may be teaching the whole class double-digit multiplication of decimals, while the support is teaching a group of students who need to be remediation on double-digit multiplication without decimals.

The lead teacher may be teaching poetry and the elements of poetry, while the support is giving enrichment to students who already have shown proficiency on the elements of poetry.

*The difference between this strategy and Alternative Teaching is the outcome. In the small group, you are looking to achieve a different outcome than the whole class lesson.

I encourage everyone to co-plan and implement a Supplemental Teaching lesson this week.

TPE of the Week - TPE 7 - Teaching English Learners

Candidates should understand how cognitive, pedagogical, and individual factors affect students' language acquisition. They take these factors into account in planning lessons for English language development and for academic content.

Bree Gage

Co-Teaching Coordinator

CSU Bakersfield