South Carolina Flooding

Dev P.

Closed and Delayed Schools

In Columbia, South Carolina has had a week of school closed. Then there was a week of two hour delays. After the two hour delays there was one hour delays for the next three days of school. The rest of the week school remained a school holiday.

Rainfall of SC Floods

Thursday, Oct. 1st 2015 at 4am to Sunday, Oct. 4th 2015 at 11pm

South Carolina, United States


This rainfall lasted four days straight and there was more rainfall.

Broken Dams in SC

SC has been hit with a flood that has not been experienced in 1,000 years. A few of the dams that broke were used to get people home or get people to work. It took people more time to get where they wanted to go.

People Evacuated From Homes

Peolpe's homes got flooded with water. Many families became homeless due to the destruction in the flood. Therefore many people went to get help to evacuate from there homes. There are still families still devastated now.
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