What is Demand?

The desire of buyers for a particular item. The demand is like how many people want the item. Many stores have to think about demand when they're releasing a new item.

Why is Demand important?

Demand is important, because businesses need to know what the demand for an upcoming product will be like, so they'll know about how much they need to make. Once they find out an estimated demand then that's when supply comes in.
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Columbia "Legend Blue" 11s

When word first got out about the Legend Blues, everybody said they wanted them. Pictures got around so fast. The original retail price for the Legend Blues was supposed to be $180. The Jordan company realized the demand for the shoes were higher than any release in history. Knowing that, they raised the price to $200. They knew if they raised the price, it wouldn't be as much trouble or conflict at the stores, while people are trying to get the shoes.
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Demand for "Must Have" Camaro Decreases Supply

USA reports, their current production schedule can't meet the demand. A General Motors spokesman said the supply-demand tension is good. He says they don't need over-produce, nor do they want to have people waiting an unreasonable amount of time. The GM said they should catch up to their rival, Ford Mustang, by the end of the month.