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December Newsletter - 2018

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‘Tis the Season to Be Confident and Believe in Yourself!

December brings us the most wonderful time of the year. As such it is an excellent time to reflect on the passing year while at the same time preparing for the opportunities of the New Year.

When I was a little girl, one day on the bus ride home my brother told me that there was no Santa. I was so upset and remember arguing with him that there was too a Santa. Then after getting off the bus and walking to the house all I could think was "Poor Frankie he doesn't believe." Santa was less a concern than my brother’s unwillingness to believe.

The power of believing is what sustains us – whether it is a belief in Santa, the Sugar Plum Fairy, in each other or simply a belief that we are here for a purpose. Believing keeps us resilient. It is the gateway to hope and inspiration. The power of believing keeps our spirit alive and gives us the confidence to carry on.

My wish for all of you this holiday season is that you stop thinking about it as just one more hassle of life to "get through". That instead you see it as an amazing opportunity for reflection and inspiration. Take a leap of faith this holiday season. Look around, really look around you and see the confidence and the power within you to make a difference.

If you take a deep breath, pause and inhale the moments of this holiday season, I am confident that you will hear music differently, see acts of kindness and generosity all around you, and you will not only see the needs and sadness of others but you will feel compelled to act. The holiday season will become a gift that you give yourself.

Remember to hold tight to the belief in yourself, as it is the truest, strongest thing we will ever possess. It is the one thing that can never be taken or controlled by others. It is ours and only ours.

Just Believe.

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I believe in myself and have confidence to... York Chester Middle Confidence Challenge Video

Believe In Yourself

Celebrating Students: York Chester Recognizing Achievement during Honor Roll Celebration

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December Students of the Month

The following students were chosen by their teachers for being confident and having trust that whatever they say or do will benefit them and others! Congratulations to Destinee Burris and De'Asha Thomas, 6th grade; Nasir Ellis and Jaida Tate, 7th grade; Adrian Alexander and Quadir Hill, 8th grade.
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“I Think I Can! I Think I Can!”

Here are few strategies that can help increase belief in yourself.

Acknowledge Your Uniqueness. Believe in yourself and know that you are one of a kind. There is no one else like you on this planet. No one looks like you, has the same talents, experiences, or perspective as you do.

Give it Your Best. When you do the best you can, with the best of what you've got, you can't help but feel good about yourself and that confidence comes through in everything that you do.

Practice makes perfect. The more you can practice, the better you will perform and the more confident you will become.

Accomplish something. Set goals for yourself and then push yourself to reach them. Self-confidence soars when you know you can do what you put your mind to. It makes you feel unstoppable.

Confront your fears. There's nothing that destroys self-confidence more than succumbing to fear.

Believe in Yourself Motivational Video

BELIEVE IN YOURSELF - Motivational Video (ft. Jaret Grossman & Eric Thomas)

November #ThxLeads2Giving Challenge Comes to a Close with YCMS students Making a Difference and Giving Back

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Upcoming Events

The Week of December 3rd - Holiday Reflection Door Decorations

This year’s theme is have confidence and "Believe in Yourself." Let's see which advisory class can be the most creative incorporating this theme in their Holiday Door Decorations!
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Heart and Sole Belmont 5k

December 1st at 8:30am

York Chester Jazz Band Performs at the Gastonia Tree Lighting

Saturday, December 2nd at 5:30pm

Rotary Pavilion

Downtown Gastonia

Nascar 6th Grade Field Trip

December 4th

Winter Spectacular Band Concert

December 4th at 6:30pm in the School Auditorium

Make-up Pictures & Club Pictures

December 10th

'Tis the Season to Be Confident and Believe in Yourself End of Year Reflections

December 10th - 14th

During advisory York Chester students will do an “End of the Year Reflection” where they will look back over the year, remember what happened, reflect on those things and then seek to discern meaning, purpose and lessons learned.


Social Studies Curriculum Night

December 11th

5:30pm - 6:00pm

York Chester Middle School Spelling Bee

December 13th at 8:30am

School Media Center

Winter Chorus Concert

December 13th at 6:30pm in the School Auditorium

Holiday Break

December 20th - January 1st
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