Introductory lessons to the cello for kids 12 and under!

Some Information About the Instructor!

My name is Caroline Allen, I am a 14 year old freshman at Carlsbad High School. I have been playing cello since I first fell in love with the instrument at age 6, and am great with kids of all ages! I love to teach, and firmly believe in the importance of music in a child's life. I think the cello is a very unappreciated instrument among our youth, and if I can help even one child realize a passion for music, then I will feel the most accomplished I have in my entire life. I look forward to meeting you and your young cellist!

Open Dates: June 13th - August 22nd

If you have any questions/concerns, or would like to make your lesson appointments, please send me an email at

Lessons will be

  • weekly, or every 2 weeks
  • 30 minutes per session


Everything a new cellist needs to learn!

  • How to hold the instrument and bow
  • Basic scales and bowing techniques
  • First position notes and fingerings
  • Sight-reading in first position
  • Key and time signatures
  • Beginner rhythms + counting

  • And MOST IMPORTANTLY: an appreciation for music!

+If your cellist is interested in joining an orchestra, I will be able to educate them in how to play in a group and the differences between solo playing and playing with others+

What You Will Need:

  • An instrument "outfit" - cello, bow, case (pricing information below)
  • Rosin*
  • A cleaning cloth* (can just be an old t-shirt, sock, rag, etc.)
  • Suzuki Cello School, Volume 1 - Cello Part (
  • A composition notebook
  • A pencil (preferably mechanical) and highlighter
  • A tuner and metronome - "metrotuners" are very helpful! (these can also be downloaded on the App Store for free - I use "Free Chromatic Tuner: Pano Tuner" and "Metronome")
  • A music stand for practicing at home (only invest in one of these if you will use it!)

*These are sometimes included in the outfit.

+Scale sheets will be provided+


  • Lessons will be FREE with the signing off of a volunteering sheet.
  • You will NOT be required to BUY a cello, however instruments will NOT be provided, so RENTING or BORROWING from an outside source WILL be necessary.


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