Cool? Identity, Drugs, & Fitting in

Too fool for cool.

Drugs are a big problem in the teenage life.

Prescription drug abuse is the SAME AS DRUG ABUSE. Since the teens that are not cool or popular, want to be popular like the other teens. ESPECIALLY DRUGS. "More than 2000 teens begin abusing prescription drugs each day"-( WOW. For example, right now someone could be abusing the drugs.

What does it take to be cool? and How important is it to be cool?

For some people, having "SWAG" and a lot of friends is what it takes to be cool. But its not all about that. What it takes is being nice to everyone you meet or see because they will like you and will be friends with you. But for my opinion, $wag is the worst thing for you to get friends. Many other people will thing you have a dressing problem and makes you look like you want to be cool. To be cool isn't really important. I would rather have friends than be the best guy in the school. And there is a reason for that. Being cool makes you look like a jerk from some girls opinion.