4th Period Theater

School Daze, By Linsey Price


after weeks of hard work, we present our play, and we cant do it without everyone who helped.

Now Meet the actors!

Ashna Momin

Ashna Momin loves to act. She loved acting from the age of 6. She is really happy that she got parts in this play.

Navya Shivam

Navya is an 12 year old girl who plays the role of announcement girl, positive girl, and girl 1. She loves acting because she gets to see the point of view from somebody else. She dances and plays piano when she’s not on stage. She has done all kinds of plays from entertaining to informative and loves to do it.

John Gabbanelli

John Gabbanelli plays the characters of Jelly Johnson, and Marty. He has been in the Aladdin musical and was the Genie. Some things he likes to do are after school activities like doing the splits and gymnastics.

Will Liner

Will thinks the play is really funny and I have 5 lines to say. Something about me is he plays baseball. The play is about people experiencing their first day of school.

Jacob Ramos

School Daze is the second play Jacob have done outside of theater. He likes to play sports and video games. They practice over and over again, but have fun doing it.

Ayaan Charolia

Ayaan Charolia is in the production is School Daze, and he is debute-This plays reminds him of school, he also play sports after school.

Urooj Ali

Urooj is playing snobby friend and negative girl in the play School Daze. This is her debut on stage. Her experience in this performance has been fun and interesting.

Mishaal Ali

Mishaal Ali was going to be casted in a musical, but was canceled due to her director leaving town. This would be Mishaal’s first play. I like to play different characters. If you cannot pronounce my name, I would like to be called M&M. I hope you act my acting.

Aaly Rahimtoola

Aaly Rahimtoola is a sixth grader who is making a debut on this show. He loves athletics and is very smart. He loves to play basketball and football. He loves this play because he thinks it is unique. He enjoys working with this play.

Ronit Dhawan

This is Ronit’s debut on stage. Outside of school, Ronit plays tennis, and he swims. This is his first time acting, and he loves it.

Rahul Subramanian

This is Rahul debut on stage acting. In School Daze he plays Fear Boy and Invisible. He plays AAU Basketball and travels around the state with his team. He has loved that everyone gets parts in the play even when you’re offstage.

Aimee Jeffrey-Iwelu

Aimee is Stage Manager along with Elizabeth Onyekwere. This is Aimee’s first time being part of a play. It was fun and interesting working with some of her tech partners.

Jenna Grimm

Jenna has been in 2 productions, “Star Search” and in “The Penguins saved Christmas”. She was reindeer 3, and Kelly. She is currently on the SMS cheer team and is a 6 year experienced volleyball player, and she loves acting.

Erica Maldonado

She a dancer on the SMS Dance team. She like to hang out with friends & Family on my free time. She used to play soccer which she loved. She enjoys drama a lot, because she gets to interact with others and it’s fun.

Kylie Jones

Kylie is a cheerleader at victory vipers. Her BFF is Saara, Erica Maldonado, Daniela, and Victoria. They have had a lot of memories in the past. She would mostly like to thank her family and loves drama and Mrs. Wallace. The best teacher in the world. Thank you Mrs. Wallace for

Saara Bandali

Saara BFF is Kylie and Erica Maldonado. Saara is a former Gymnast. Kylie and Erica are like Family.

Trinity Wilson

Trinity has been in at least in 3 productions and loves to act and play sports. Like figure Skating and volleyball. Trinity definitely loves to be in the spotlight or center of attention! She has even been in a show Main Street Theatre.

Rachael Chukwuma

In drama Rachael has the most fun and funniest year here. She has 2 lines in the play that we are now preforming called School Daze. She has never been on stage so it’s a great opportunity.

Erika Sandberg

Erika has taken part in 2 plays outside of School Daze. She is the 7th Grade co-captain on the cheer team & does volleyball, cheer, and dance outside of school. Erika is excited to have 4 parts in School Daze including four, locker 3, frustrated, & home-ec 2.

Lara Dimassi

Lara Dimassi plays Cara in the play School Daze is Lara’s debut on stage. She thinks everyone worked well together and it was a great learning experience.

Claire Holecek

Claire Holecek is an 11 year old girl who enjoys working on the production of School Daze as she plays the parts Backwards Girl and Tammy.

Elizabeth Onyekwere

Elizabeth Onyekwere is excited to be apart of School Daze as one of the stage manager. She has been in 4 plays outside of school. This play has been a great experience.

Karthik Chitta

Karthik Chitta has a debut in this show. He is a person who plays tennis bit, and plays piano. He enjoys working in this production and hopes to interact with many people and improve his acting.

Seeyaan Daredia

It has been a great year in drama for seeyaan. This is his debut. He plays the role of negative boy and defensive. Seeyaan likes playing video games and doge ball. He has had a great experience in this play.

Dana Yousef

Dana Yousef is 11 years old that is a loving person and she has a A-B Honor Roll student. This is her debut on stage.

Kameron Norouzian

Kameron likes to play basketball. He is very brave at acting. He doesn’t give up. He has a dog.

Blake Johnson

Blake is an all-star for his little league football team called the Knights. I work with friends and family very efficiently most of the time. He loves to act and preform in front of an audience. And is not afraid to do what has to be done.

Mujtabaa Khanand

Mujtabaa loves to play tennis. He also likes drama because he is very brave.

Nyla Pesavera

Nyla is costumes and props and was born on 7/9/03 and enjoys getting the job done.