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People Want to Persevere

Personal Definition of Perseverance

To me perseverance is to never give up even if you are going through hard times, and to keep fighting no matter what happens and stay strong.

Background Information

Eleanor Roosevelt and Nadja Salerno-Soonenberg Comparing Adversities(Compare and Constrast)

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Jackie Robinson's Triumph and Persistance(Description)

Jackie Robinson has had many triumphs in his life and he always had persistence. In the 1950's Jackie Robinson started to play baseball in the major leagues and that was an important triumph for him. But, a big accomplishment was that he was the first African American baseball player in the major leagues. However, he had to deal with the taunts of combative fans and the players on other teams. Even when people would call him names from the stands, and from other baseball players in the major leagues, he never fought back. He proved himself to all of the combative fans and baseball players with how well he played.

Eleanor Roosevelt's Journey Through Her Adversity(Cause/Effect)

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A Carps lesson in Perseverance(Chronological/Sequence)

First, an artist named Rosetsu was really bad at art and was very dull. Next, people started calling him a fool. This caused him to want to commit suicide. Then, he heard a noise outside his house and saw a carp trying to jump onto a block of ice wanting to get a biscuit. Next, he saw that the carp achieved his goal. This made him realize maybe he should try to achieve his goal as well. Also, the carp helped him realize he should be persistent and to continue with his goal. Lastly, Rosetsu made wonderful pieces of art and became a very good and very famous artist.

Orphan Train Riders Who Were Never Adopted

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Unstoppable: Maury Wills Getting Through His Problem and Triumphing (Problem/Solution)

Maury Wills is a baseball player that was always persevered. One of his big problems was that he wasn't good enough to play in the major leagues. He would always be playing in the minor leagues. One solution to this was that he practiced hitting for hours on a class D minor league team. He also changed his game by becoming a switch hitter. Another solution to his problem was that he developed his skills at the short stop position he continued working on switch hitting. Also, each session he trained for the major leagues he would practice 30 minutes hitting the ball, and 90 minutes focused on his thinking and attitude. His last solution was to get a new talent. His biggest talent became base stealing. All of these solutions helped Maury Wills become a great baseball player and overcome his problem.

Lessons Learned in Perseverance

The lessons that can be learned about perseverance is that you should keep fighting and stay strong no matter what happens. People can learn from Maury Wills that it is important to keep practicing to get better at something. Maury Wills kept practicing even when the major league coaches told him he wasn't good enough. This can teach others that persevering is important so that someday you will succeed.