Stepping Outside The Studio

An Alexander Technique Workshop at Chautauqua

Join us!

A 3 day Alexander Technique Retreat in the Rocky Mountains.

Allowing time for exploration, movement, rest and rejuvenation.

Encouraging curiosity and mindfulness in our daily lives.

Peter Nobes, London, UK
Katharine Birdsall, Charlottesville, VA
Shawn Copeland, Greensboro, NC
Julie Rothschild, Boulder, CO

For Alexander Technique teachers, trainees and students. Also, we welcome those who are just a bit curious and have been waiting for the right moment to enjoy what Alexander Technique has to offer.

Stepping Outside the Studio

Thursday, May 16th 2013 at 6pm to Sunday, May 19th 2013 at 1pm

Chautauqua, Boulder, CO

Boulder, CO

Fees and Lodging


Includes 1 private lesson.

Lunches and snacks will be provided.

See schedule below.


Lodging at Chautauqua:
Lodging is not included in tuition.
Chautauqua is holding an assortment of cottages for us, from studios to 3 bedrooms. Rates for shared cottages begin at $65 per person. Studios range from $125-$199 per night. Please contact Kathleen Clendenen at 303-952-1611 or to book your reservation.

PLEASE reference Alexander Technique Group when making your reservation

Please direct any questions to Julie Rothschild:

Workshops and Private Lessons

Each day, we will gather in the morning for a yoga/movement class followed by a group workshop. After lunch, we will set out in smaller groups and have time for private lessons. The following topics will be woven in and out of each day, both in groups and privates. You may request that your private lesson focus on any of the listed topics, or let us know what you would like to address.

Moving With One Another: a time to dance with Katharine Birdsall and Julie Rothschild

Rather than focusing solely on "how I move," we invite a shared movement experience. Let's expand our collective awareness so that we are fully dancing together. Improvisation, Contact Improvisation, and basic dance technique will show up in this workshop.

Katharine and Julie have worked together as dancers, improvisors, performers and teachers for 15 years. This opportunity to work together at Chautauqua is a true gift.

ATFit™ with Julie Rothschild

ATFit™, a unique approach to fitness and movement. Whether you are an ordinary athlete, like me, or an elite athlete with a sponsor, how you move matters. In this session, we will look at how Alexander Technique fits into and even enhances our fitness training.

Mapping Balance with Shawn Copeland

In this session, we will look closely at how the body moves as a means to discover balance and support in our own bodies.

Making Contact with Julie Rothschild and Shawn Copeland

A hands on workshop in which we will explore the nature of touch and how we might better connect with all aspects of our lives.

Performance Workshop with Peter Nobes and Shawn Copeland

A workshop that offers an approach for developing and maintaining attention and awareness in performance – whether in the performing arts, athletics, public speaking, or ordinary daily activities. In this workshop, students will have an opportunity to “perform” their activity and receive feedback from Peter and Shawn, as well as observations from other students.

Zen for our Time with Peter Nobes

Since I qualified as an AT teacher nearly 20 years ago I have learned more from watching my cat Sigmund than I have from any AT teacher.

I don’t think Sigmund knows he’s got a body. He doesn’t ever pull it into shape or check it for sensations, and he never has to decide how to move; he just MOVES, in a light, natural, instinctive way, responding to the world around him. And I love the way he is absolutely living in the here-and-now. I want what he’s got!

16th Century Zen master Han-Shan said “I took a walk. Suddenly I stood still, filled with the realisation that I had no body or mind. I felt clear and transparent.” I want that too!

I think what Han-Shan discovered is identical to what Sigmund has. Why? Because it’s one of the things the AT has given me back: not better awareness of my body, not choices about how to move, simply NO awareness of my body or how I move. Why would I need to be aware of my body, or control my body, or get back in touch with my body? I AM MY BODY. And with it has come the living in the here-and-now: clarity of mind and no awareness of my thinking processes.

It is mindfulness in action.

What I teach is the transparency and clarity of mind and body that Han-Shan discovered; not the Zen of an ascetic sitting in a cave but the vibrant, alive Zen of the Samurai. And Sigmund. In my workshops we find out how this can enhance everything we do – dancing, running, music-making, everyday activities, interactions with other people….

Mindfulness helps you fall in love with the ordinary. I can’t think of anywhere better to find out about this than the extraordinary scenery at Chautauqua.

Katharine Birdsall

In addition to 16 years of practice as a teacher of AT, Katharine is a contemporary dancer, choregrapher, improvisor, horse woman and lover of being outside. She is a guest teacher at the Virginia School for the Alexander Technique, where she originally trained with Daria Okugawa. She has also been a guest teacher at Chesapeake Bay Alexander Studies. Katharine holds a BFA in dance from TISCH school of the Arts at NYU and has a 200 RYT from Lisa Clark and David Beadle's Body Mind Spirit Course. Her teaching is greatly influenced by lessons with Sandra Bain Cushman, Tommy Thompson, Meade Andrews, Frank Sheldon and Anne Rodiger. Katharine is a founding member of the dance collective, Zen Monkey Project, and loves to teach dance technique, Alexander Technique, Contact Improvisation and Yoga.

"I orginally trained because I wanted to, no, needed to use the technique in my dancing and teaching."

Shawn Copeland

Shawn Copeland was first introduced to the Alexander Technique as a student at the Brevard Summer Music Festival in 1997. He qualified as a teacher in 2006 after a five year apprenticeship with Marsha Paludan. Those who have guided his learning and influenced his teaching include Sarah Barker, Glenna Batson, Dale Beaver, Bill Conable, Donna Doellinger, and Robin Gilmore. He maintains a private practice in Greensboro, NC where he specializes in working with musicians. He also teaches Alexander Technique at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, the Eastern Music Festival and at the Summer Clarinet Clinic at Stetson University. Shawn is currently studying Nervous System Energy Healing with Carol DeSanto and Jim Kepner in Cleveland, OH. He is working toward the publication of What Every Clarinetist Needs to Know about the Body.

An avid chamber musician, Shawn is a founding member of The Relevents Wind Quintet, the Ensemble-in-Residence at High Point University. As a clarinetist, he has presented masterclasses, recitals and premiered works throughout Germany, the United States, Mexico, Ireland and Japan. He currently plays bass clarinet with the Greensboro Symphony and e-flat clarinet with the Winston Salem Symphony. He has served as the principal clarinetist of the NOVUS Chamber Orchestra, the Fibonacci Chamber Orchestra and as second clarinetist/bass clarinetist for the Bach Festival Orchestra in Winter Park, FL. Dr. Copeland is currently on the faculty of High Point University. He has served on the faculties of Stetson University, Coastal Carolina University, the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, North Carolina A&T University and Mars Hill College. He completed the Doctorate of Musical Arts degree from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and holds additional degrees from the University of Central Florida and Stetson University. He and his partner, Kevin resides in Greensboro, NC with their Jack Russell Terrier, Scribble.

Peter Nobes

Peter Nobes believes the Alexander Technique is the secret of Zen for our time. He has been teaching since 1993 and is based in central London at the South Bank Alexander Centre, which he founded in 2001. Since 2002 he has been running workshops and classes in Europe, the USA and Canada. Peter plays blues harmonica, builds wooden boats and has a love/hate relationship with Argentine Tango.

Julie Rothschild

Julie Rothschild began studying Alexander Technique in 1993 and certified as a teacher in 2007, graduating from the Chesapeake Bay Alexander Studies Training Course. She came to study AT as a graduate student in the Dance Department at Ohio State University, first in a workshop with Lucy Venable, then in private lessons with Barbara Conable. After sustaining repeated injuries and multiple surgeries in her twenties, Julie learned, through Alexander Technique, to observe how she moved, not just in dance, but in everyday life. By recognizing and understanding her movement patterns and habits that were harmful, she began to make movement choices that have allowed her to get back to dance and life with a new, more balanced approach. Julie now has a private Alexander Technique practice in Boulder and offers workshops throughout the US and abroad. She is also an avid cross-country skier and a Certified Personal Trainer.




Teachers will be available for private lessons


Welcome Reception and Fireside Chat led by Peter



Movement with Katharine

tea break


Group Workshop: Zen for our Time, with Peter

LUNCH provided


"Stepping Outside the Studio": Making Contact, with Shawn and Julie


Private Lessons


Fireside Chat



Movement with Shawn

tea break


Group Workshop: Moving Together, with Katharine and Julie

LUNCH provided


"Stepping Outside the Studio": Performing Activities, with Peter and Shawn


Private Lessons


Potluck Dinner and Fireside Chat



Movement with Julie

tea break


Group Workshop: Mapping Balance and ATFit™ with Shawn and Julie


Closing Circle

LUNCH provided