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Wife of Nebuchadnezzar Responds to the Construction of the Hanging Gardens

Nebuchadnezzar’s wife is homesick! Nebuchadnezzar decides to help cure his wife’s homesickness by having his servants go get Persian trees and plants directly from Persia! Nebuchadnezzar has had his servants start building her gardens. So far, it is looking good!

Hammurabi Receives Code of Laws from the Gods

Recently, Hammurabi received a code of laws. These laws contained rules to abide to in your everyday life. There are 282 laws on this big, black, rock! “I think that some these punishments for these laws are TOTALLY unfair! I mean, getting burned for walking into a tavern for a drink just because you are a priestess or priest? Come on!”

- Speaker Anonymous


Heard any rumors about Gilgamesh, lately? Well, we have some juice! Gilgamesh has now been declared half man and half god! Interesting, right? More news about Gilgamesh, coming your way!


Want to learn about how dynasties came to be? Well, you’re reading the right newspaper! Sargon was the first king to start the royal dynasty with the monarchs!

“ I think that having a dynasty is very cool! I think it is cool because, since my father is a monarch, I will someday become king, too!”

- King’s Son


Ashurbanipal has led some harsh conquering’s throughout the week! He has now conquered some small cities nearby Assyria, his homeland. In total, he has conquered eight cities this week! Almost one every day! “ I think that Ashurbanipal keeps growing stronger every week. Soon, all of Mesopotamia will belong to him!”

- Speaker Unknown

A Day in the Life of a Monarch

Ever wonder what it’s like being a monarch, day to day? Easy, hard? We have looked into the daily life of Nebuchadnezzar and his hanging garden protégée. So, first in the morning, he eats his breakfast, later in the day, he visits his hanging gardens to see how it’s coming along. Towards the late afternoon, he visits his children, and, on occasion, he takes his family to the parades in the middle of the city- state.

A Day in Life of a Commoner

Now, since you know about what it’s like being a monarch, want to know about what is like being a commoner? Well, in the early morning, the merchants get up with the sunrise and get ready for a busy, and tiring, day. The wives, get their husband’s breakfast ready, and then go and take care of their children and chickens, if they have any. In the afternoon, the wives make their husband’s, and children’s, food. Once the husbands finish their lunch, they back to work until dinner. At dinner, the families discuss how their day(s) was (were).

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