Mrs. Redfern's Classroom News


A Peek at the Week

Our Focus: We will continue to practice our play, "The Very Busy Spider" to insure we are prepared for Fridays performances.

Weekly Skills: Writing a Personal Narrative story and review all the skills we have developed in Kindergarten. I will be testing students during the next couple of weeks on ELA skills. Please make sure you child is familiar with ALL popcorn words, long/short vowel sounds and can read cvc words in context.

Popcorn Words: review all

Math: I will be testing students during the next couple weeks on math skills. Please make sure your child can count to 100, can solve simple addition and subtraction problems, and recognize numbers 11-20.

Help at Home

*Continue writing in handwriting book - 1 page a day. This will help with letter formation, writing skills, and matching pictures to words.
*Continue practicing Popcorn Words (it, is, I, like, and, you, of, are, in, he, on, she, for, the, to, a, my, was, with, at, this, or, that, as, had, be, they, his, from, by, do, look, yes, no, all, go, see, when, said, we, what, can, were, so). If you need new flash cards, please email me and I will send them home ASAP!
*Please assure your child is reading out of their book baggies. If they have not been responsible turning in the white and black books in on a regular basis, I will not let them take any of the other popcorn word books home. I have purchased these with my own money, and received them through grants. These will not be replenished through the district, and I have lost 30% of them over the past years. Your child MUST show me they can be responsible with the black and white books regularly (2-3 times a week).
*Practice Math Packets nightly. This will build fluency in your child's addition/subtraction skills.

Important Dates

4.29 Deadline to accept lottery for STEAM School. If you were chosen, you must contact the district and accept.
4.30-5.6 Round 2 of Lottery for STEAM to fill spots for those who did not accept.
5.1 "The Very Busy Spider" 9:30 and 11:45
5.7-15 Notification to parents of child on STEAM waiting list
5.8 Kindergarten Celebration @ 2:30
5.20 Fun Day/Last Day of school

Specials Schedule

4.27 PE
4.28 Music
4.29 Art
4.30 Art/PE
5.1 Music

Please feel free to create your child's costume for "The Very Busy Spider"! If you are not sure what animal your child is, you can email me and I will be happy to inform you. I do have limited resources for each character if you are not able to help.

Have a great week! Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Mrs. Redfern :)


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