Toilet Paper Activity

Community Building on the First Day of School

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This fun activity will engage students from the moment they walk in the door! They will be very curious as to what you are up to. And when the anticipation dies down and you tell them what the activity really is, they will get to learn about everyone else in the class!


  1. On the first day of school, teacher lays out several rolls of toilet paper and asks students to take some when they come in. If they question how much, just tell them however much they think they will need. Don’t tell them anything else.
  2. Once all students have arrived and have toilet paper, tell students they have to share as many facts about themselves as they have squares.

  3. Give students 5 minutes to come up with their facts. Older students can do this mentally, but younger students can write on the toilet paper with markers if need be.

  4. Teacher can decide if they want to go around the room or if she will pull sticks.