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A Note from Principal Graham

We are so excited that some of our Patriots will be returning back to school four days a week! Starting Monday, October 5th, all PK-2 grade students will come to school Monday-Thursday. In addition, we have notified some of our grades, 3-5 ELL learners, that they will come four days as well. Friday will remain an e-learning day. This is part of the phase two reentry plan. Please know we will continue to work hard to make sure everyone is kept safe. We have plexiglass sitting on the tables to help keep everyone safe. Also, students in PK-1 classes will now have to wear masks all day. Thank you for your patience through this process as we continue to follow safety protocols.

Four Plus One Model Starts Monday for Pk-2

This Monday, October 5 grades PK-2 will begin the Four Plus One Model going to school Monday-Thursday and having e-Learning on Fridays at home. Specific ELL students in grades 3-5 will also attend the 4+1 model. Parents have received a phone call and letter to confirm this change. Please remember to bring your mask as it is now required for all students. Practicing with children at home wearing a mask may help them adjust to wearing it at school next week. Don't forget to have a refillable water bottle packed in their bookbag each morning.
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Masks Required

Please remember that students need to wear a mask each day. Thank you for assuring your child has a mask before leaving for school each morning. If a student needs one, we have them available. Starting this Monday, Oct. 5th all students, now including PK-1, are required to wear masks in the classroom as well as when transitioning in the building. This is part of the Phase 2 plans.

Lanyards Provided for Face to Face Students

Lanyards have been provided for all Face to Face students to wear with their masks. This will help avoid contamination and less touching of the masks. We are trying to keep the lanyards at school but just in case they come home, please have them wear it to school.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Friday, October 9th is Parent/Teacher Conference Day from 7:30-3:00. Your child's teacher will be coordinating a phone or zoom conference to discuss your child's strengths, as well as their goals for reading, writing, and math and how you can support them at home. It is hard to get this completed in one day so it may take a couple of days to meet with all parents.

Bus and Car Rider Transportation

With an increasing number of bus and car riders starting on Monday, October 5th please know that transportation times may be different. We want to ensure that everyone gets to and from school safely so please excuse any additional time it may take. Thank you for your patience.

Fee Payments by Phone

This school year is well underway and we are needing to finalize the registration process. Part of that process is fee payments. Letters were mailed out on September 18 to any parent whose child has an outstanding registration fee. If you received this letter as well as a letter from Food Services, please email a copy to To help assist you in taking care of your child's fees, we are also able to take payment over the phone. Please call Ms. Shealy at 803-821-0102 and she will be glad to assist you. Thank you for taking a moment to take care of this important matter.

Please Keep the School Nurse Updated

As we are in these unforeseen times of Covid and entering flu season, we are needing all parents to keep us informed of any signs of sickness in your household.


If your child is absent from school due to illness, please call or email the school nurse letting us know what is wrong with your child. Please be specific with symptoms such as fever, cough/congestion, sore throat, vomiting, and diarrhea, etc. This will allow us to better keep track of the types of illnesses currently in the school.


Please remember that if your child has a fever or any COVID-like symptoms, he or she will be required to go to the doctor for evaluation. In order to return to school, we will need a doctor’s note stating the student had a COVID test that was negative, the student has an alternative diagnosis and is being treated for that, or remain home in isolation for 10 days.

Also, please let us know if anyone in your household is being tested for COVID or has a positive diagnosis.

Contact the school nurse, Wendy Rea, at (803) 821-0120 or with any information, questions, or concerns. Thank you for your understanding.

Have you packed your water bottle yet?

Each child will need to bring a water bottle filled with water each day. Our water fountains will not be used as a safety precaution.
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Student Flu Clinic at OGE on Monday, October 5th

We know how important your children are to you and how much you want to keep them healthy. Knowing this, we partnered with the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control to make flu vaccinations available for your children.

If you have not already had your child vaccinated this year and are interested in getting your child vaccinated, DHEC will be at Oak Grove Elementary School to administer flu shots to students this Monday, October 5, 2020, from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

The clinic is for students only.

You can complete the consent form before you arrive, or one will be provided to you at the flu clinic. You can find that consent form here in English or here in Spanish.

You can also read about the vaccine in English here.

Or, you can read about the vaccine in Spanish here.

If you have any questions about the information you received, please call your child’s school. Thank you for all that you do at home to keep our students healthy and ready to learn.

PTA News

Make sure you join the PTA by Monday, November 2nd in order to be eligible for the prize drawings. It's only $5 to join. Here is one item that is up for grabs! It is a JBL Flip4 Bluetooth portable speaker. The link to join is

If you have any questions please contact you for supporting the students, faculty, and staff of Oak Grove Elementary School.

Attendance Guidelines for Parents

Please review the attendance guidelines for hybrid and virtual learning by selecting this link.

LOOLA meal pick up next week - Date/Location Change

Next week's LOOLA service will be Thursday, October 8 from 11:00 - 1:00. This is a change for next week only due to Food Service staff not be working on Friday, October 9. Please complete the LOOLA online form by 6:00 PM Tuesday. Pickup will be in the bus loop next week.

Free Take Home Meals for E-Learning Days

PreK - 2 and 3-5 AA/BB students

-Students who want to take home meals for their e-learning days must complete a form at the following link:


Parents of ALL GRADES must complete by 9 a.m. each Thursday. PK-2 students will now choose the option marked, PK-2.

Online Learning Academy students

- Can also receive free meals. Parents of Online Learning Academy students must complete their form by 6 p.m. each Tuesday. The link reopens each Friday at 1 p.m for the following week’s meals. You can find that form here.


Next week's pick up will be Thursday, October 8 instead of Friday, October 9.

from 11-1 at any one of the district’s five designated drive-through locations (Carolina Springs Middle, Forts Pond Elementary, Gilbert Elementary, Oak Grove Elementary, White Knoll Elementary). Online Learning Academy parents must show their student’s school identification card to pick up meals.

Parents with questions should email Ashley Summers at

Safety Procedures

New procedures are in place to maintain the safety of our students, staff, and parents.

  • Parents may walk their child/children to the entrance of the school but we ask that you do not enter the building past the front office.

  • All students are required to wear a mask. If they do not have one, we will provide one for you before you enter the building.

  • Children will have time throughout the day to clean their hands and also provide mask breaks as we know wearing a mask during the school day will be a new learning experience.

  • In order to keep our staff and students safe, we are not allowing parents/guardians to deliver lunch or other items during the day.

  • We will be practicing social distancing in the classroom.

  • The students will be in one classroom during the day observing the family model. Social distancing will take place as movement occurs in the hallway.

  • Since we are in the family-style model, we will be eating lunch in our classrooms. We will be unable to accommodate having guests come to school to each lunch with their child or visit the classroom.

  • All rooms are equipped with hand sanitizer installed on the walls and individual pumps. We ask that everyone use our school provided hand sanitizer.

  • Plexiglass has been installed for student desk areas in grades PK-2. Grades 3-5 will be installed by October 19.

Signature Page

Four important Title I documents were sent home recently with all of our face to face learners and sent out by email to all of our virtual learners. Included in one of the documents was a signature page that we need you to sign and send back in to the school.

The page (shown below) can be returned in any of the following ways:

1. Taking a picture of this page with your signature and emailing it back to

2. Signing the form and sending it with your student to give to their teacher.

3. Mailing to OGES, 479 Oak Drive, Lexington, SC 29073.

Your help with this is greatly appreciated! If you have already sent this document in, thank you!!!

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Baby Shark Do Do Da Do Do Do

Ms. Shuman's Pre-K High Support Cohort B students had so much fun singing and dancing to Baby Shark. They were working on demonstrating self-expression during music. They had a great time!

Dealing With Stress

Check out this video made by Coach Shelby, for some great pointers on dealing with stress! Thank you Coach Shelby for this fun and informative video!

Dealing with Stress

Lexington County School District One’s Nondiscrimination Statement

Lexington County School District One is committed to a policy of nondiscrimination and equal opportunity for all students, parents/legal guardians, staff, visitors, personnel and community members who participate or seek to participate in its programs or activities. Therefore, the district does not discriminate against any individual on the basis of race, religion, sex (including pregnancy, childbirth or any related medical conditions), color, disability, age, genetic information, national origin or any other applicable status protected by local, state or federal law.

The district will use the grievance procedures set forth in policy to process complaints based on alleged violations of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964; Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964; Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972; Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973; the Age Discrimination Act of 1975; the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967; the Equal Pay Act of 1963; the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008; and Titles I and II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

The district designates specific individuals to handle inquiries or complaints. To find out whom to contact and how to contact them, please go to our website at