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April 2016 Happenings

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Monthly Library Use

Classes held in the library: 59

Students visiting the library during study lab: 653

Library database searches performed: 563

Books checked out: 508

AR tests taken: 736


PTMS Tournament of Books

The PTMS Library's Tournament of Books came to an end in mid-April. Two popular books, The Hunger Games and The Face on the Milk Carton, went head-to-head in the finals. When voting ended on April 11th, The Hunger Games was the victor!

One student had created a perfect bracket and won the tournament. Two other students weren't far behind and tied for second place. The three winners received Starbucks gift cards.

We're already looking forward to next year's tournament!

Game on!!

The seventh and eighth grade students were invited to come to the PTMS Library after ELA PSSA testing ended to play board games. The students could choose to play Battleship, Bookopoly, Jenga, Uno, Chutes and Ladders, Connect 4, Stratego, and Blokus just to name a few!

It was a great opportunity to hang out with friends and to unwind from a long week of assessments!

Highlighted Library Lesson - 8th Grade Social Studies' Epic Rap Battles!

During their WWI unit, Mr. Cheran brought his 8th grade Social Studies classes to the library for a fun research project which we developed to give the students a chance to utilize our library's resources.

The students were put into groups and assigned topics which included: the Eastern Front, the Russian Revolution, the Battle of Verdun, the Treaty of Versailles, naval operations, trench life, tanks and planes, technological warfare, and the causes of the war. They researched big ideas (subtopics) and facts about their topics using library books, library databases, and educational search engines and websites. Then the students took the information they found and wrote a rap that contained at least eight facts, was at least one minute long, and went along with the backbeat that they were assigned. They recorded their raps using the library laptops. Then, to create a music video as their final product, they uploaded images, captions, and the recorded raps using the Movie Maker software.

In each class, the students watched their classmates' videos and voted on which group of students they felt was the winner. Of those first-round winners, the students then voted for the most epic rap of Team Warhol as a whole. Mr. Cheran presented the winners with medals and served them a pizza party lunch!

This was such a meaningful lesson for the students and a rewarding lesson for us as we heard how much knowledge the students had acquired about their assigned topic and how they incorporated it into a neat finished project!

The winners are pictured above and the winning rap can be found here.

Check Out the Peters Township Public Library's Teen Programs

If your middle school child hasn't taken advantage of the amazing programming offered through the Peters Township Public Library, you might be surprised to see so many fun activities planned!

This page is updated frequently with upcoming and recurring programs. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to stay in the know!

Upcoming Dates to Know:

5/4 - Science PSSA Testing

5/6 - 7th Grade AR Due Date!

5/25-26 - Keystone Algebra Testing (8th Grade)

5/30 - No School

6/7 - Brown (8) AR Due Date!!

6/8 - McCue AR Due Date!!

6/9 - Mitchell AR Due Date!!

6/9 - LA 7 AR Due Date!!

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