Pi vs. Tau

by Aisha Khan, Surbhi Kumar, Claire Jordan, Aisha Espinosa

What is Tau?

Tau is exactly twice pi. It was first discovered in Egypt (and Babylon), and was used to build the pyramids. Also, it is the 19th letter of the Greek Alphabet.

Why is it better to use?

Pi is confusing to use in equations. Tau makes solving equations that currently use Pi easier, like the formula for the circumference of a circle. It uses twice pi, which is exactly Tau. Also, memorization of the different formulas would not be necessary.
Look at the picture above. It shows that Tau gives cleaner, easier to understand equations. Instead of using a memorized formula to find a twelfth of a circle, you would use t/12. The same goes for finding an eight of the circle. It just becomes t/8.

With Tau, things are much simpler. Join the Tau movement today!

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