Evergreen Community Update

October 15, 2018

Our Mission

Evergreen Middle School is a community dedicated to lifelong learning and the development of healthy, thinking, caring and productive world citizens.

Principal's Message

Hello EMS Community,

Hopefully each of you have enjoyed the long weekend for students. Thank you to all who helped to support our staff and students through a difficult time last week. As you most likely heard through email, our beloved head custodian, Billy, lost his battle with liver cancer last Wednesday evening. Billy had worked for our school district since 1985 before retiring in 2009. After a few years of retirement, he couldn't stand the fact that he wasn't able to be around kids on a daily basis. As a result, he became a substitute custodian until he was hired as the head custodian at EMS in 2015. Since coming to Evergreen, I've become accustomed to Billy opening the building each morning at 6am, hurrying to get the cafeteria cleaned up after first lunch in time for second lunch students to enter, and shoveling snow off of the sidewalks on snow days so that staff and students are safe entering the building.

Those who knew Billy well, knew that he did everything he could to make sure that our school was in tip top shape as well as making sure staff were happy with their classrooms and offices. Everything that was ever asked of him, he responded so graciously with, “no problem, I’ll take care of it.” He was so passionate about kids and loved being around them.

The last few days, I couldn’t help but spend some time reflecting on the importance of family. With life being so short and nothing being promised, be sure to hold your family and loved ones close and let them know how special they are.

Below are several photos from last week, as well as important information that will help keep you up to date with things happening around Evergreen.

Enjoy your week!!

Mr. Gulley

Evergreen Principal

This Week's Schedule

10/15- Advisory Schedule

10/16 - Regular Schedule - AVID/TAG Parent Night (6:00/6:45)

10/17 - Academic Seminar Late Start Schedule

10/18- Regular Schedule - MOD Pizza Fundraiser-A portion of proceeds go to EMS

10/19- Advisory Schedule - Parent Club Meeting, Picture Retakes

Our Amazing Bilingual Assistant

Ms. Isabel Brodniak providing support for our students. A great addition to our staff this year.
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TAG & AVID Parent Night This Week

EMS will be having a TAG and AVID night on Tuesday, October 16th. The AVID meeting will take place from 6-6:45pm and TAG will be from 6:45-7:30pm.

Update from TAG-The links to the TAG your it! event have been updated and are able to be used by the public. Please click here for the sign up form. Our first student enrichment event has been moved to 10/11 during 5th period to avoid conflicting with the Fund Run!

TAG Seminar

Mrs. Dudley and Ms. Giobetti lead our TAG students in a Self-Advocacy Seminar.
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Fall Conferences

EMS Parent-Teacher Conferences will take place on Wednesday, November 7th and Thursday, November 8th from 5-8pm. All EMS teachers will be stationed in the gyms ready to give you an update on your student's progress through the first quarter of the school year. Report cards will be available for parents to pick up when they arrive to conferences. More info to come...

Nutrition Services

On October 16th 2018, families that have not been approved for free or reduced price meals for the 2018/19 school year must pay full price for school meals. To be eligible to receive free meals, an application must be submitted and approved for the current school year. Applications can be submitted online at www.EZMealapp.com or at the schools or district office. For more information on the eligibility guidelines, meal pricing and menus please visit www.hsd.k12.or.us/nutrition. This message does not apply to schools that offer free meals to all students under the Community Eligibility Provision (Eastwood, Lincoln Street, McKinney, Miller Big Picture, Mooberry, Reedville, Witch Hazel).

Academic Language in Math

Mr. Lomeli challenges his students to verbally reflect on their learning in Math class.
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All 7th Grade Field Trip - Tuesday, October 23rd

The entire 7th grade is fortunate enough to be able to attend a field trip at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall in Portland the morning of Tuesday, October 23, 2018. Students will be leaving at 8:45am and will return no later than noon. The event will be free for our students.

Students will be hearing and learning about "The Children of Willesden Lane" the Kindertransport in relation to WWII and getting Jewish children out of occupied territories during the Holocaust. The story in the novel is excellent and chronicles a portion of the life of Lisa Jura, who is a piano prodigy. Her daughter, Mona Golabek, wrote the book and will be presenting at the event on the 23rd.

More than 450 of the novels were donated to HSD for our use so that our students can do a detailed study in their Social Studies classes.

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Team Up

Students participate in their wrestling unit. This was amazing to watch. The level of engagement and risk taking amongst the students was unbelievable.
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Monday's with Mox Video

Each Monday during Advisory, students watch an episode of Monday's with Mox. As most of you already know, Mox is our amazing School Resource Officer (SRO) who has taken on the task of developing weekly videos to engage our students in topics that are relevant to Evergreen. Our 7th grade Counselor, Carol Anderson, will be teaming with Mox all year long to create the videos. Click on the link below to see our second episode of the school year.

7th Grade Lunch

A break from Academics...
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Washington County Guidelines

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When you look at attendance percentages, whether it is a school or individual, here is how it compares if you received a grade for attendance.

  • >95%=A
  • 93%-95%=B
  • 91%-93%=C
  • 90%-91%=D
  • <90 =F (Chronically absent)

So looking below at last week, we had three As and one C. Our goal is to reach the A level for all 5 days each week. When students are here, it makes everything run more smoothly.

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Reading in Buxton's

7th Grade Language Arts students read their self-created stories in Mr. Buxton's class.
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7th Grade Social Studies

Students working to define "Culture" in Mr. Jewkes' class.
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Glencoe Youth Basketball Opportunity

Great opportunity for both boys and girls to improve their skills. Click on the link below for detailed information.


7th and 8th Grade Science

Energy Systems!


Mrs. Riley's students use language scaffolds as they participate in an engaging socratic seminar on the science of swivel chairs.

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Paid Training and Licensing

For more info & to apply

Please see the HSD Website

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Volunteers Needed in AVID

We are in need of AVID tutors this school year. We have 4 AVID classes, all which take place during 1st & 2nd period. If you are interested in helping out our AVID students and volunteering your time, please contact Mrs. Riley rileyd@hsd.k12.or.us , our AVID site coordinator. You don't need to be an expert tutor by any means. You will be trained in the process and all protocols.

Looking Ahead - Advisory

On Mondays during Advisory, our students are given an opportunity to fill in their planners with the Looking Ahead document. This document is a good resource for students to see what is coming up in each of their classes for the week and to remind them of deadline/tests. Updated Looking Aheads will be posted to our website on Mondays.

Evergreen Middle School

EMS serves over 800 students in the 7th and 8th grades. EMS feeds students into Glencoe High School. For information on the social or academic offerings at EMS please visit our website or contact our fantastic school counselors - Beth Russell or Carol Anderson.