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Mrs. Burt's Kindergarten Class December News

Kinder Winter Wonderland: Holiday Party!

The kindergarten hall is turning into a winter wonderland carnival! We invite all parents to come out and join their students decorate cookies, make crafts, listen to a reading of a beloved Christmas story by our principal, and a visit from a special friend! :) If you are able to volunteer your time to this event, please see your child's teacher as soon as possible!

Kinder Winter Wonderland

Friday, Dec 21st 2012 at 1-2:15pm

Kindergarten Hall

This month in Reading

Sight Words








Letter and sounds for:

Short I

Short E

Short O



Starfall website. Phonics website used in our computer lab. Free to use at home!

This Month in Math

Decomposing Numbers

  • We will be looking "deeper" at the numbers 1-10. We will learn how to "decompose" or break apart these numbers. We will talk about how to count them and ways to "make" them.

  • We will also learn how to count to 100 by 1s and 5s.

Count by 5s video. (Used in class as an opener for math)
Exercise and Count by 5's (5 Finger on my Right Hand...) Jack Hartmann counting by 5's song
Count to 100 video (used daily in math as a closer)
I Can Count to 100 (counting song for kids by Mark D. Pencil)