Benozzo Gozzoli


By: Sydney Leyden

Benozzo's Life

Benozzo Gozzoli was born in 1420 in Florence, Italy. He spent the majority of his life right there in Florence during the Renaissance period. Benozzo initially trained as a goldsmith in his earlier years. He also did a lot of artwork in churches.

Benozzo's Education and Patrons

Gozzoli was the apprentice to the sculptor Lorenzo Ghiberti. Most importantly, he worked with the painter Fra Angelico, and started working with him at age twenty seven. In addition, Benozzo Gozzoli's patrons included the Medici Family, which was the most powerful family in Florence Italy.


The type of artwork Benozzo created was paintings, and he specialized in a style called fresco. The names of three of his paintings was The Last Supper, The Ordination of Saint Stephen, and Man of Sorrows.

The "isms" of Benozzo

The first "ism" that is closely linked to Gozzoli is perspectivism. I know this because when viewing his paintings, you notice that they are often three dimensional. Many of his paintings are also linear. Lastly, almost all of his paintings have depth.

Another "ism" that Gozzoli uses is naturalism. Benozzo uses a lot of light, textures, tones, and subtlety which can be itnessed in his paintings. His painting also have an emphasized color and mood.

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The Procession of the Magi

This artwork called the The Procession of the Magi was created by Benozzo Gozzoli, and took him from 1459 to 1461 to paint this fresco painting for the Medici Family. You can see the piece in person in the Magi Chapel, which is a chapel within the Palazzo Medici Riccardi in Florence, Italy.

What was so significant about this piece was that it was fresco, which captured vitality, wealth, and cultural diversity of the Florentine Renaissance. The painting used beautiful gleaming colors, gold leaf, and ultramarine.

This piece is a mythical procession of the three wise men, and covered all four walls of the windowless chapel. In my own words, this piece had many vibrant colors. I also noticed that it pays close attention to detail especially with the horses and the nature. This artwork also seems as if when you are viewing it, you are looking out into the distance into a gorgeous, mountainous kingdom.

This piece is most closely related to naturalism due to the tones and textures used, as well as the emphasized color and mood while looking at the painting. What find so interesting about this artwork is that the reason Gozzoli painted it was because the Medici, which were also his patrons were interested in the magi, so Benozzo Gozzoli therefore painted The Procession of the Magi.

You can see a picture of this piece by going on to a website called Artstor using the following link:

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