Othello Literary Analysis

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Electronic Literature Criticism Databases

To find electronic literature criticisms, access the databases listed below.

To access databases at home, log in to Mackin Via with your ID number and 8 digit birthday.


  1. Go to the Gale database.
  2. Click "Literature Resource Center"
  3. Uncheck all boxes except "Literature Criticism"
  4. Type in your search terms ("Othello")
  5. Click "search".
  6. Replace the word "Othello" on the left hand side with your lens (Archetypal, Historical, or Feminist) and leave "search within these results" checked.

Gale Virtual Reference Library

  1. Go the the Gale database.
  2. Click "Gale Virtual Reference Library".
  3. Choose "Literature" under subject.
  4. Scroll all the way down to "Shakespeare for Students".
  5. Search within the series with search term "Othello".
  6. Choose the first section (titled Othello).
  7. Click Criticism to jump to the critical essays about Othello.


  1. Go to the ProQuest database.
  2. Click "Literature" (picture of the open books)
  3. Use search term "Othello" and make sure "full text" and "peer reviewed" are checked underneath the search box.
  4. On the far right side under source type, choose "scholarly journals".
  5. Click the + sign next to subject to open the options. Choose "Literary Criticisms".
  6. Under subject, click "more options" and choose a subject from the list that fits your lens.

If you still can't find one, try Google Scholar

  1. Go to Google Scholar
  2. Type "Othello", your lens ("feminism") and "literary criticism" in quotation marks.
  3. click enter.

*If you get too many results, you can try doing an advanced search (down arrow in the search bar).

Citation Generators

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