Internet Safety at Home

Privacy, Safety and Best Practices

Tip # 1 - Keep Home Technology Use in Public Areas

  • Have a "charging station" for phones and tablets
  • Create a workstation for laptops and desktops
  • Keep power cords plugged into wall, so computers have to "Come Home" to charge and be used.

Amazon Search for "Charging Stations"

Tip # 2 - Create Separate User Accounts for Kids

  • Makes it easier to track use
  • Restrict user to prevent installation of software, or changing of settings
  • Prevents YOU getting locked out of the device

Creating a User Account in Windows 7

Creating a User Account in MacOS

Tip #3 - Be Informed

Take advantage of various resources to keep abreast of current trends in Technology and Media

Tip #4 - Know What Your Kids are Doing

  • Talking Works Well!
  • Know Your Kid's Passwords
  • Keep your OWN Passwords Private!
  • Use Internet Tracking/Filtering Software IF NEEDED

Free or Mostly Free:

Not So Free:

Tip #5 - Keep Your Home Network Secure

  • Encrypt Your Home Network
  • Change Your Default Network Administration Passwords
  • NEVER click pop-ups

Securing Your Home Network -