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Inspire Excellence in Education [October 12, 2015]

Purposeful Student Conversation

As we analyze why many students are not learning what we are teaching, we must evaluate our own practice for evidence of student talk throughout the day. Oral language is the foundation of literacy; it requires focused attention in planning. Altering the ratio of teacher to student talk doesn't just happen. Do we believe in the importance of student talk and plan with a clear purpose and expectations?

Reflection: What percentage do you talk during a regular instruction day? What percentage do students talk? What strategies do you use to plan and foster purposeful student conversation?

Frequent, Small-Group, Purposeful Talk

This and That

  • Fall Fest- "Kissing Pig" event- We have a complete list of representatives from each team: Ms. Holland (K), Ms. Taylor (1st), Ms. Buie(2nd), Ms. Cordova (3rd), Ms. Jones (4th), Ms. Patino (5th), Ms. Saul (office). Thank you Ms. Jones for volunteer your pig for this event!
  • Please Join PTA: http://www.joinpta.org/ Our goal is 100% staff support of our PTA. We are almost there! We have achieved that goal last year, let's do it again this year. Oct. 15 is the deadline for joining PTA. PTA is planning a luncheon for staff who join PTA!
  • As you participate in various PD activities this Monday, please remember to be on time and be actively engaged in the learning. Be the kind of students you want in your own classroom.
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Regular PLC This Week 2:40 Room K05

Specials Rotation: Week D

10/12/15: District Professional Development Day

10/13/15: Team Leader 3:45

10/16/15: Fall Fest 5:30-7:30 p.m.

10/19/15: Bilingual Teacher Training (Dixie Library) 3:30-4:30

10/20/15: PBIS committee meeting 3:30

Week of 10/26- Red Ribbon Week

10/26: New Teacher Learning Circle

10/27/25: District Behavior Specialist training for Dixie Staff 3:45 pm (Team leader mtg. canceled)