The Crazy Illness

The Lead

What is lead?

Lead is a metal that causes a really bad illness towards children. It's a poison that children get when the paint is being scraped off the wall or burned, which causes the chemical to flow in the air and the kids breathe it in. Another one is when the paint is being scraped off into little pieces like dust and the children will pick it up and eat it.
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How does it affect your children?

This metal can affect your children with their behavior. You will start to notice a difference with your child's behavior. If you notice that your child's attitude is starting to change I will advise you to go get your child tested, because lead affects the brain as well. It will cause brain damage to the child because their brain is not fully developed. This can cause your child's behavior to be disrespectful, moving often (hyper), and not listening to directions etc.
Lead Poisoning in California's Kids: Antonio's Story

Where can you get your kids tested?

There are a variety of places that you can get your child tested. For example, in Chicago you can get a free blood test in all the clinics. Since Chicago has a high risk of lead it will be best for you to get your child tested from 6 months to 6 years old. For more information please locate
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