Sales Promotion

By: Kyle Graham

Premium Item & Give-aways

Premium Item & Give-aways: toys, collectables, souvenirs, that are linked to a product, and often require proof of purchase to acquire. Such as when sporting events give the first so many people a souvineir.

Contest & Sweepstakes

Contest & Sweepstakes: a race or other contest for which the prize consists of the stakes contributed by the various competitors

Bassmaster is currently hosting a sweepstakes using great marketing skills. See more here!


Sampling: is the act of taking a portion, you get part of an item not the whole thing.

When companies have trucks outside of events handing out samples.

Popular Forms Of Sales Promotion

Point of Purchase Display

Point of Purchase: is when companies try to sell something at the checkout such as grocery stores.

Point of purchase could be when when you order a drink at the game and they are showing off the souvineir cups on a display near the register.

Special Events

Special Events: Special Events that are sponsored by certain company and a rare, because they dont happen very often or in many places.

The midnight tipoffs in college basketball do not happen very often and are sponsored by multiple companies.


Couponing: vouchers offering discounts on particular goods or services.

When a sports company sends out coupons offering buy one get one free on tickets or a certain percent off the total ticket price.