Online Learning

A look at online learning in our district, state, & country

Keeping Pace

Twenty six states have State Virtual Schools, with many more states having for-profit virtual schools available. In some cases, these virtual schools are fully online schools, while others are supplemental programs with students taking one or two courses online and the bulk of their courses in a brick-and-mortar setting. (Watson 2014)

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States with Online Graduating Requirements

In December 2013, the NC State Board of Education suggested a policy that would require all students to take at least one online course before graduating. If such a policy were to be created, NC would be the sixth state to have this requirement. Iowa was the sixth state previously, but the policy was rescinded around the same time. (Watson 2014)

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Virtual Options in North Carolina

At this time, the best measure of online learning happening in North Carolina is through the North Carolina Virtual Public School’s (NCVPS’) Annual Scorecard(Murphy 2014). However, two virtual charter schools have recently been approved by the State Board of Education to begin operating in 2015. Unlike NCVPS’s supplemental high school program, these schools are fully online and K-9 and K-10, respectively. Each of the charter schools very quickly enrolled the 1,500 students each deemed acceptable and both have lengthy waitlists demonstrating the desire for alternative learning paths.

How our school can meet the need for alternative learning paths

Our school can meet these demands in conjunction with NCVPS. We will be implementing a Virtual Learning Academy where high school students can take 100% of their courses online while remaining a student at this school. To ensure that this is available to all students regardless of accessibility, students must report to school as usual, unless a needs-based exemption of this requirement is brought forward. Support will be provided to students in the brick-and-mortar classroom as well as through the online teacher.

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