The Gold Children

Only hardship and family will help you survive.


One man catches a fish that turns him rich. He fished for most of his life just to get bread for his wife. He comes back to his house only to find a castle. The fish is a magical fish that said, "If you don't tell anyone that you caught me, then I'll keep you rich, If you tell then I'll take all of this away." He agrees but lets the secret out. He then takes away everything. The old man goes back to fishing only to catch him again. He then cuts him up and uses him in his garden. He gets 2 gold lilies which his horses eat that turn them gold. He eats them to do the same but it doesn't work only to have him produce two golden children who ran away. One finds a woman right away and asks her to marry her. She says yes and he goes into the forest to hunt for food for them. He stumbles upon a wicked witch who tries to kill him. The lilies the father ate grew back and they symbolized the two boys. One drooped which in terms means that one of the boys were in trouble. The father and the other son go to rescue them and kill the witch. They go back and he goes back to his wife to live a happy and long life.


The theme of the story is that one thing can change anyone's life. They way they act and help each other out. They really show what love and hardship is.


The old man. He is the one who catches the fish.

The 2 boys who symbolize the lilies.

The witch who tries to kill one of the boys when they disturb her.

The wife of the 2nd son who marries without her fathers permission.


The setting is in a nice open village with a river on the outside of town. There is a beautiful village far away from the first village. It has many houses with people outside working. The last place they travel is to the forest where they find the witch. The farther they go back the more darker and more dangerous.