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May 13, 2016

What's Happening This Week?

Reading Story: Grace for President

Math: Topic 16 - Time and Graphing Data

Spelling: List 35 below


- Movie Day

- Staff vs. Students Water Fight (Walk-A-Thon Prize winners only)

- Book Orders Due at noon (Use class code L6YLX)


- All AR Reading Block (everyone brings in blankets/pillows/stuffed animals for a

comfy day of reading)

- Movie and Popcorn (Walk-A-Thon Prize winners only)


- Track and Field Day @ SMS

- Bounce House (Walk-A-Thon Prize winners only)

- Ice Cream Social (Walk-A-Thon Prize winners only)


- Reading Test (We are just doing the AR test for this)

- Language Test

- Spelling Test


- Last day for AR prizes

- Field Trip to The Louisville Zoo


midair, mislead, misprint, midweek, midyear, misdeed, every, could, matter, remember, misplace, midway, midday, misbehave, mismatch, mistake, whole, something, question, hungry

1. My clothes are a mismatch.

2. Did you make a mistake?

Lunch Menu for the Rest of the School Year

5/16-Chicken Dinner
5/17-Walking Taco
5/19-Chicken Sandwich
5/20-Mini Corn Dog
5/23-Chicken Nuggets
5/24-Salisbury Steak
5/25-Cooks Choice
5/26-Hot Dog

Dates to Remember

May 16 - Book Orders Due

May 16 - Movie Day @ MidAmerica Science Park

May 16 - Staff vs. Students Water Fight (Walk-A-Thon prize winners only)

May 17 - YMCA Track

May 17 - Movie & Popcorn (Walk-A-Thon prize winners only)

May 17 - All AR Reading Block (bring your pillows/stuffed animals/blankets)

May 18 - Track and Field Day @ SMS 12pm-2pm

May 18 - Bounce House (Walk-A-Thon prize winners only)

May 18 - Ice Cream Social (Walk-A-Thon prize winners only)

May 20 - Last Day to earn points for AR prizes

May 20 - The Louisville Zoo Field Trip

May 21 - YMCA Track Meet

May 24 - YMCA Track

May 24 - 75 Point AR Ice Cream Party

May 25 - 4th Quarter AR Goal Party

May 25 - Sports & Club Awards @ 9-10 am

May 26 - Last Student Day

May 26 - Academic & Attendance Awards @ 8-10 am

May 26 - End of Year Party @ 12:30-1:30

May 28 - YMCA Track Meet

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