What is the bill of rights?

The bill of rights is the first 10 amendments of the constitution.

Bill 1 : Freedom Of Speech

Congress can not make any law respecting a developed religion. Freedom of speech, Peaceably to assemble, and petition the government. Court cases : Tinker v. des moine independent school district (1969)

Bill 2 : Right To Bear Arms

Right Of people to keep & bear arms, shall not be taken away little by little. Court Case: United States v. Miller (1939)

Bill 3 : No Military person can live in anothers home

No solider can't live in the home without the owner's consent In manner to be prescribed by law. Court Case : Engblom v. Carey (1983)

Bill 4: No warrants issued

No warrants shall be issued, supported by oath, describing the place to be searched.

Court Case : Katz v. United States (1928)

Bill 5 : Charged twice

No person can be charged twice for a crime they commmited. NO person can be held to answer to capital. Court Case : Salinas v. Texas (2013)

Bill 6 : Confroted

Confronted with the witnesses against him The person accused of. Court Case: Cunningham v. californa (2000,2006,2009)

Bill 7 : Jury

The right of jury shall be preserved, otherwise re-examined in only in any court in the U.S.

Court Case : Tull v. United States (1987)

Bill 8 : Excessive bail

Excessive bail shall not be required, cruel & unusal punishments inflicted. Court Cases : Roper v. Simmons (2002)

Bill 9: Rights

Rights shall not be be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people. Court Cases : Roe v. wade (1965)

Bill 10: Powers

Powers not delegated to the untied states by the constitution. Court Case: Garcia v. San Antonio