The History of Genghis Khan

The Ruler of the World

The Beginning

He was born clutching a blood clot. This meant he would be a great warrior. The baby was named Temujin. At age 9, Temujin's father was poisoned. His family was exiled where they were forced to work together. Temujin later broke the rule by killing his half brother for stealing. Very soon after the murder of hi half brother, he was captured by another tribe. He escaped during a festival and found a man to help him. He hid in a cart of wool because the tribe was looking for him. After the tribe left, Temujin was given a horse, so he rode back to his family.

The Start of His Military Strategy

At age 16, Temujin sought out to find a wife. Finally, he had found his long lost planned-to-be wife, Borte. A year after marrying, Temujin's wife was kidnapped by a rival tribe, the Merkids. He contacted his andas or blood brother, Jamuka. Temujin told Jamuka about the Merkids, and Jamuka agreed to lend some men for the battle. Using the combined men of Jamuka's tribe and Temujin tribe, they set out to find the Merkids's camp. they crept quietly up on them, then charged when they were close enough. They raided the village and successfully took Borte back to their camp. Once back at their camp the men enjoyed the spoils of their raid.

The Problems

After the fight, Temujin and Jamuka made one tribe where they were both leader but nothing lasts forever. Tension began to build between the blood brothers. One night Jamuka told Temujin to "go sleep with the horses". Jamuka was so angry that he split the tribe and took his followers with him. 2 years later, Jamuka ambushed Temujin's tribe. Jamuka took the generals and boiled them alive. Temujin swore that he would never be this dishonored. To train his warriors, he had to destroy the old rules and created a meritocracy. In 1200, he marched his troops to confront Jamuka. The night before the attack, he used psychological warfare by lighting 5 fires for each man, making them think that there was an enormous army below. When Jamuka came to fight Temujin, he saw in front that the men were grouped and organized. The first attack was a giant storm of arrows that killed many troops. The battle was brutal and bloody as is any other battle. In the end, Temujin won and Jamuka had fled. In 1205, Jamuka appeared at Temujin's camp and pleaded to die without blood. So, they granted his wish and broke his back.

Fame and Fortune (with a side of death)

After Jamuka was killed by Temujin, all of the Mongal tribes gathered under his name. At this point, the generals decided to give the ruler a new name. It was then that he was called Genghis Khan. Never had all of the tribes gathered under one man. His prophecy was to conquer the surface of the world. Now with this amount of people, he could continue with this. Next stop: China.

Mr. Koski

Genghis Khan's Conquest by Mr. Koski

His Empire

As you can see in the picture, the Mongal Empire is huge! In fact, it carries on for 11 million continuous square miles. The Mongals captured more land in 25 years than the Romans could in 400!

His Death and the End

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