Behavior Related to Poverty

Faculty Meeting - January 12, 2016

Habit #5

Seek first to understand, then to be understood...

Ready-Set-Read... (Erin B.)

Every child has a story... Do you know your students' stories??

Category of Behaviors

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Behavior Related to Poverty and Interventions

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Pick 3 of the Top Behaviors that you see at PV...

Article: "Working with Students From Poverty: Discipline"

  • Jigsaw Activity

Part 1: Read Page 46 – 48 (STOP at “The Language of Negotiation”)

  1. What is the culture of Poverty?
  2. What essentials need to be included in an effective discipline program?

Part 2: Read Page 48 (“The Language of Negotiation” – Page 49 (STOP at “Using Metaphor Stories)

  1. What are the 3 different voices and characteristics of each?
  2. How can you teach the different voices?

Part 3: Read Page 49 (“Using Metaphor Stories” – end of page)

  1. How do the voices impact a school setting?
  2. How do we teach Hidden Rules in the classroom?

  • Discuss

Discuss with your table the part of your article and the jigsaw questions you answered.

How Does Poverty Impact OUR Kids?...

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