By Emma Lyons and Jaylin Reisdorf


  • Christians believe that god is revealed throughout three dimensions: the father, the son (Jesus Christ) , and the Holy Spirit
  • Jesus is considered the son of god, born to the Virgin Mary and come to earth to offer redemption for man kinds sins
  • They believe in the afterlife
  • those who have lived a good life will reside in heaven with god
  • those who live a life of sin will be punished.

Sacred Text

  • New and Old Testament

Places of Worship

  • church
  • coptic church
  • maronite church

Important Dates and Leaders

  • Easter
  • Christmas
  • Priest


  • Christianity started as an offshoot of Judaism in the first century C.E.
  • Early christian communities were often persecuted.
  • It was then that the Roman Empire, became the Holy Roman Empire.
  • The development derived from major and minor splits.


Although christians are a minority in the middle east today, more than 75% of Americans of Arab are descent of christian.