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Happy New Learning 2015

It is that time of year again when everyone makes New Year Resolutions. Jon Gordon, a popular inspirational author, recently stated "9 out of 10 people will fail with their resolutions and half will fail by the end of January. Instead pick one word and let it inspire you all year". So let's pick a word to be inspired by for our Professional work in 2015. What word would you choose? In this issue are links to articles that will help with your 2015 Professional Resolution. So read on and let's get inspired!

BYOD/Technology Integration December All-Stars

Donald Briggs:
I am trying to promote scientific awareness, writing skills, reviewing and editing skills, Environmental Science knowledge, and teamwork skills all while submitting a paper that can earn a student a scholarship! To accomplish this lofty set of goals, Google Docs and Google Groups have been my key tools. Each student was invited to join their class in a group and then start researching one of four areas under the DuPont Challenge Essay Competition. The four areas are: 1) Together, we can feed the world, 2) Together, we can build a secure energy future, 3) Together, we can protect people and the environment, and 4) Together, we can be innovative anywhere. They first researched a science question and then I approved their topics. Then they outlined the topics with a works cited page. The process then grew into writing papers and having to review and comment on at least 5 other student’s papers. The comments had to at least have one good thing that the writer did and one area of improvement. The collaboration has gone way past that and they are really starting to help each other out. After exams, they will all submit their papers to the DuPont Challenge Essay Competition and maybe, just maybe, we can add to their scholarship coffers!

Ann Krannitz: She has started to flip her classroom starting with her German II sections. She has been uploading lecture videos and review activities to blackboard. Her students are also starting to use the discussion board. She has found that the students like the short clipped videos of 2-5 minutes at a time. This makes it easier for them to go back and review the material being taught as needed. Ann then uses class time for the hands-on learning, the actual "doing", instead of her lecturing the students. So far the students have been responding positively to the flipped classroom model.

Silvana McGillis: She has been using with her students when discussing a topic in her AP Spanish Class. Students post their answers to the discussion and then as a whole class they discuss the results. Click here to learn more about Padlet.

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Meeting Students Needs through Differentiated Instruction PD Opportunity

Thursday, March 5th, 3:30pm

This is an online event.

Every classroom is made up of individuals with diverse strengths, backgrounds, and approaches to learning. Understanding and responding to students' individual learning needs can be a challenge for teachers. Participants in this course, Meeting Student Needs Through Differentiated Instruction, will learn how to identify student learning needs and they will explore many strategies and tools that will help them to plan lessons so that all students are appropriately challenged and supported. Participants will also explore technology tools that will facilitate differentiated instruction and strategies to differentiate assessment. To apply what they learn in the course, participants will create or modify a lesson plan demonstrating how they will differentiate instruction to meet a variety of student learning needs. The course will start on Thursday, March 5, 2015 and end on Wednesday, April 29, 2015 with a week off at our spring break. Sign up now on My Learning Plan.