Research Endangered Animal Project


Some things that can kill the wolves are:
  1. poison traps (set for other animals and them)
  2. hunting
  3. lack of food
  4. harsh weather
  5. land development
  6. oil industries (pipeline keystone)
  7. sickness

Population of Wolfs

Alberta has approximately 4200 wolves and Canada has 52000-60000 wolves

Organizations Dedicated to helping wolves

CPAWS Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society

Jasper Environmental Association

How You Can Help The Wolves

Donate money to associations that are already helping them in every way they can. Reduce your ecological footprint when going into areas where wolves are located. You can also help when you go into an area where wolves are, by being considerate and leaving them alone.

Interesting facts

  1. A wolf pelt goes for anywhere between $125-$250
  2. Male wolves weigh anywhere from 95-99 lb (43-45 kg)
  3. Female wolves weigh any where from 79-85 lb (36-39 kg)
  4. British Columbia's population of wolves is 8500 (aprox.)
  5. Saskatchewan's population of wolves is 4300 (aprox.)
  6. Wolves do not have many predators in the wild other than humans.
  7. The main prey of wolves are caribou, but they only hunt the sick and wounded.