Elvis Presley

The King Of Rock 'N' Roll

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www.feelnumb.com This is the cover of Elvis Presley's self-titled debut album released on March 23, 1956, featuring the famous Elvis "tonsil" photo. Not only would this photo be used on Elvis's first cd cover, it was also used extensively in newspapers and print to promote future shows. It became a famous show promotional print.

Elvis Growing Up

Elvis Presley was born on January 8th, 1935 to a poor family in Tupelo, Mississippi. Throughout his childhood, he showed great devotion to his parents, especially his mother. He was raised with a strong faith in God and always attended church with his parents. On Presley’s 11th birthday in 1946, he received his first guitar. Using his love for gospel music, he struck success at his high school’s talent show. After he graduated high school, he would later work several jobs in order to pursue his dreams of becoming a musician. Eventually, Elvis recorded a demo at a studio and was taken under the wing of Sam Phillips who saw potential in Elvis. From then on, he began recording music and touring.

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www.examiner.com (Elvis Presley & His Guitar)

His Impact On the Decade

Elvis Presley was much more than just an outstanding dancer. He was a revolutionist not only in music but in actively fighting against segregation. He was a white Southerner singing blues intertwined with country and gospel, he brought America together including people from all backgrounds and ethnicities. He combined these different types of music to form a style known as rockability, which became one of the key components in rock 'n' roll.

Elvis's combination of different genres of music into a new style of music was his key contribution to pop culture. Since the implementation of musical styles occurred right before the civil rights movement precursing social integration, it makes this key moment in pop culture history seem monumental.

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www.longislandpress.com Presley performed one of his most famous concerts at the Nassau Coliseum in New York on July 19, 1975. Ellin Granelli, one of the lucky ones who got tickets the concert said, "he had the audience in the palm of his hand the entire time."

Elvis's Impact on youth culture

Elvis spread rock n' roll music throughout the nation and a huge part of his fans were teenagers, just like you and me. He had a great impact on the youth culture of the 1950's. During this time period, teenagers had begun to see themselves as completely different from their parents' generation. Due to the rise in the economy during these years, teens had much more "fun money" to spend on their interests, and the cares of helping provide for their families were far from their minds. With that money, they went to movies who starred the most popular stars of their day, bought trendy clothes, and listened to music that appealed to them. When Elvis Presley came along it was no surprise how quickly his popularity grew with the younger generation. His hair, demeanor, and style were a few of the key components that became a new part of this culture for teens.

Elvis's Connections To Today

Elvis inspired greatness in different bands from Creedence Clearwater Revival, Led Zeppelin, the Clash, to the Arctic Monkeys. Although he didn’t invent rock n' roll, he introduced a new style of rock n' roll which combined Southern music with African-American music. His style had influenced another genre of music known as R&B (Rhythm and Blues). Elvis and his guitar also helped present the electric guitar as the one main instrument s that outlined rock and roll today. Not only did his music influence some of our music today, but his dancing also affected the media and society today. While Elvis’s dance moves were thought of as vulgar and inappropriate in the 50s because of the sexual appeal it radiated, it may have been the key to open the door to sex appeal (referring to celebrities) in the media today.

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listentothelion.com (Elvis Performing "Hound Dog" on live television)

The Controversy Of Elvis and His Dance Moves

When Elvis Presley’s performance of “Hound Dog” first aired on televisions, teenagers were raving over Elvis’s hip gyrating while parents tried to cover their children's eyes from the shockingly distasteful dancing. This video had been disliked by many viewers and also criticized as in the New York Herald Tribune which expressed that his performance was “unspeakably untalented and vulgar.”


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