Noah Turner

War Baby

He has not even seen you, he
Who gave you your mortality;
And you, so small, how can you guess
His courage or his loveliness?

Yet in my quiet mind I pray
He passed you on the darkling way -
His death, your birth, so much the same -
And holding you, breathed once your name.

- Pamela Holmes


A man of war

He was born in a war family and is a war baby

Man of courage and bravery

A man who is a fighter and doesn't give up


The man who has brought you life hasn't seen you

You who's so small, how can you know his love or his courage

Yet in his head he prays he passed you on the dark path

His death and your birth are the similar because they have both given life

Holding you I breathed your name once.


Mortality; meaning life or giving someone life in this poem. Making someone become alive.

Darkling; meaning the dark way or path. The dark way that someone was walking in his poem.

Attitude of Speaker

The man is talking about how Jesus' death on the cross is like your birth because they both brought us life. His tone is a loving tone or kind of happy because it seems like he just got a new child like when he said "And holding you, breathed once your name."


Between lines 2 & 3; He goes from talking about the man who has created us and given us freedom and the right of life has not even seen you to talking about how can you try to guess his amount of love and courage he has given.

Between lines 4 & 5; He says how can you guess his loveliness and courage to talking about praying that he has passed you on the dark path to save you.

Title Revisited

A man is praying for his loved ones that Jesus will save them

A Christian person is hoping for the best

The man is praying for peace and love because of our Savior saving us from our own faults.


I feel as if the theme of the poem is to always stay true to yourself and always love the Lord your God to one day find a place in paradise. Pray for those who have been troubled.