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Brown Bag Workshop - For Principals and Assistant Principals: 3 years Experience or More!

What is a "Brown Bag" Workshop?

Principals and Assistant Principals are busy and sometimes too busy to leave campus to attend a full day of professional development. Can you spend 4 hours learning strategies and tips on 2 focused and relevant topics?

Bring your “bag breakfast or lunch” and be prepared for a fast-paced “tune-up” of your current leadership knowledge, skills, and practices on selected topics.

Instructional Leadership vs. Student Discipline

You will participate in a 4-hour workshop focused on two critical areas of a school leaders’ day: Instructional Leadership and Student Discipline. Participants will be given research-based strategies and tips that will improve teacher and student performance and help you prioritize the events of your day! You can reduce office referrals!

The 4-hour Agenda - Eat While You Work!

Session 1 - Refresher: Instructional Leadership Performance

§ Are You a Leader or Manager? What do you want?

§ What’s your Job Description?

§ An Equation for School Improvement: Seeing the “Big Picture”

§ Indicators of School and Student Success: Data Driven Decision Making

§ Tools for Monitoring the Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment (C.I.A.)

§ Conducting Classroom Walkthroughs and “Wall Walks”

§ Feedback and Coaching Teachers

Session 2 - Safe and Orderly Environment: School-wide Discipline

§ “Nip It in the Bud”: Student Discipline is about the Principals and Teachers not the Students

§ School-wide Rules and Procedures: Teacher and Student Expectations

§ Every Principal Should Have a Posse

§ Control Office Referrals: “I’m Not Dealing with this Behavior”

About Educational Leadership Consulting (ELC) - A H.U.B. Certified Business

Dr. Deborah E. Jones, fondly known as “DJ”, established ELC in 2006. DJ retired as a principal from the Guilford County School System in Greensboro, NC. She founded ELC on the belief that relationships, education, and leadership are critical factors that determine the success of any organization, its people, and the quality of services it provides. DJ served as a trained turnaround school team leader for the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction for three years. She also served as a program coordinator for the North Carolina Principal Executive Program (PEP) and coordinator for the North Carolina Turnaround Program for Elementary Schools.

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Two Workshops a Day ** Select One time!

Mornings: 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. *************** Afternoon: 1:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Cost $99.00 per person


“This was above my expectations. DJ made me think, reflect, and gave me tools to use in my school…already planning my end of year staff meeting”.

Assistant Principal, Yancey County Schools, April 2015


“Great presenter…loved sharing or real-world experiences. Practical & Useful information giving me the tools I need to be a good school leader”.

Assistant Principal, Rutherford County Schools, April 2015