Renewable Energy Can Affect You

By: Edwin Daniel Medina

What Is It?

Renewable Energy are energy sources that are constantly being replenished such as sunlight, wind, and water.

Does It Have Benefits For Using It

Over the past years countries have started to use renewable energy, but although people are using it there has been some controversies on whether or not it is a good thing to have. Being said that there has been people who believe it is a good thing for example renewable energy provides better health and by using renewable energy it reduces workdays and health care cost. Using wind and solar systems it provides us with no pollution emission.

Renewable energy provides stable energy prices because it is low cost, fuel is free, and the demand for natural gas and coal is low which makes their competition compete for it.

Although it takes a long to put together it provides jobs just because its more labor intensive which employs more workers which creates positive economic ripple effects.

Last but not least it is more reliable because it does not fail, but if one part damages it still will work. They do not require water to generate electricity like coal and natural gas do.