By: Deven Haberkorn


Badminton started in ancient Europe and Asia. They played with a paddle or a bat and a shuttlecock that today could have originated 2,000 years ago.


  • Scoring: Badminton uses rally scoring. This means that no matter who serves who ever wins the rally gets the points.
  • Serving Errors: On the first serve of the game if you make a serving error the other team gets the shuttlecock. If it is any other serve and you make a serving error and you are the first to serve for your team you switch sides with your teammate and he serves. If he makes a serving error then the suttlecock goes to the other team.
  • Faults: Faults can be the shuttlecock landing outside the court, hitting or going under the net, the shuttlecock hitting a side wall or ceiling, or a serving error.
  • Lets: Lets are when there is a reason such as no one knowing if a shuttlecock landed out or in. The rally is then replayed.

Different Types of Shots

There is the smash, the drive, the forearm over head, back hand clear, a forearm flick, a backhand flick, and a drop shot.