4.9 Science Study Guide

Acidification Lab

Acidification Post Lab

-Phenol Red changes color as you add CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) into the Water

-The CO2 turns to carbonic acid lowering the Ph of the Water

-Calcium tablet is more soluble in cup with the straw

-Because the carbonic acid lowers the Ph + Dissolves calcium faster

Experimental Errors

-Don't bubble Water long enough

- 2 cups don't have same amount of Water

-Less water when using straw

-Put CO2 into both cups

Ocean Acidification

-Normal ocean's Ph is 8.1-8.4

Oceans Ph has decreased 0.1 (about 25%)

-Lower ocean means sea animals with shells will not be able to make a shell (shells are made from calcium) Animals include: Crabs, shrimps, clams, etc.

Two Gases Lab

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Sulfuric Acid Notes

  1. Discovered in the 8th Century by Alchemist= Alchemy ("Chemistry")

-Alchemists wanted to make gold out of rocks


-Lead acid batteries (cars)


-Steel industry = Prevents rust corrosion

-Dried fruit production (hydrotropic)


Limestone= Porous (holds H2O), Soft, Soluble in Water (Carbonic Acid)

Florida Sinkholes occur because:

-Lots of limestone

-Water underground (Aquafer= Water underground)

-Once covered with ocean= soft calcium deposits (dead animals)